2017 Road Disc Bike - what would you get?

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by djgarrett21

My next bike is going to be disc brake and am looking for opinions and hopefully experience from those who may own some of these bikes. I currently ride a 2013 SuperSix Evo (non-himod). For the frame my list of priorities (in order) are: weight, comfort, and stiffness. Groupset will either be Dura-Ace Di2 or Sram Etap.

Here is my list so far:

Focus Izalco Max Disc
-Lightest disc road frameset I can find so far. The team version looks really nice. Seems to get good reviews but not sure about the stiffness.

Cannondale SuperSix Evo Disc
-I've read the comfort aspect of the frame has only improved in the latest iteration.

Canyon Ultimate CF SLC Disc
-Not available in the US until late summer/fall so most likely beyond the timeframe I'm looking to buy. :(

Giant TCR Advanced SL
-I test rode the non-isp version for a week. I was surprised how harsh riding it was (compared to my SS).

Specialized S-Works Tarmac Disc
-Haven't considered this too much, proprietary rear wheel is a bummer.

What other bikes would you toss into the mix?

Aero is beneficial but not a priority for me. I put quite a few miles on my SuperSix and hope to do the same with this next bike.

by Weenie

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by ergott

What are you looking to achieve by going disc? I ask as someone that owns both, not trying to be anti disc brake.

I just think if you plan on riding with typical 23-28mm tires and 90% on roads I don't see why you'd bother. I have disc for bad weather and the ability to choose between 700c and 650b wheels on the same bike. The bikes you are asking about aren't really meant for that kind of all road foolishness.

I have a rim brake Tarmac and wouldn't consider going to a disc brake bike for the kind of riding I do on that bike.

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by Redwing

If you are looking for comfort you could consider the enduraceImage

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by nycebo

Yeah, seriously, why do you want disc brakes? For that matter, why do you want clip-on pedals and a rear derailleur? Real cyclists are supposed to suffer constantly.

Whoops, pressed enter too soon. for my part, I like the Specialized or Canyon efforts.

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by lovemyway

I personally went for the disc Venge ViAS (I've got the frame for now, waiting for disc groupsets to appear). I've wanted disc bike purely because I got used to them (got them on my cyclocross bike and the trekking bike) and I just like how they work. I'm not put off by the weight difference between the rim and disc bikes. I was considering a Specialized disc Tarmac because of it's exceptional ride quality, but it doesn't have thru-axles (yet, I expect the 2018 models to have them) and like you mentioned, you have to use the SCS rear wheels. If you can wait 3 or 4 months though, you might see something interesting happen. The disc ViAS, on the other hand, looks like a well-standarized disc brake bike with the 12x142mm/100mm thru axles

I don't really have much experience with other brands mainly because I couldn't test-ride them (I need XXL bikes, the Local Bike Shops don't really have a lot of them in the store). I got the opportunity to try Specialized and I already had the CruX hence the decision was a bit simpler. I was considering the Canyon Aeroad/Ultimate, too, mainly for the price, but in the end I got a pretty good deal on the Venge. I might regret not waiting for the refined Tarmac, but I hope I'll be just fine.
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by jeffy

Focus Izalco Max Disc
- Quite an aggressive fitting bike. check your bike fit.

Cannondale SuperSix Evo Disc
- would love one of these, but rear QR dropouts put me off (alignment can be a pain .... perhaps not a deal killer)

Canyon Ultimate CF SLC Disc
- not available
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by Butcher

I personally would not go discs, but that's not what the OP is asking.

I like Specialized and do not have an aero bike, so I would get a Venge ViAS.

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by kgt

In case you want something of a higher quality than Cervelo, Specialized, Cannondale, Canyon and other mass made in China frames:




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by ergott

kgt wrote:In case you want something of a higher quality than Cervelo, Specialized, Cannondale, Canyon and other mass made in China frames:

You don't believe market hype when it comes to things like aero, but country of origin is something you fall for hook line and sinker.

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by wheelsONfire

I am also looking at disc brake bikes. It's not easy, you have many brands to pick from and you just mention a few.
I must start off by looking at the stack and reach (brand is secondary). Then the question on how we like our bikes to feel (big deal for me).

I would suit better on what is named endurance bikes, so i think you have much more bikes to pick from.

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by joejack951

Is an open-mold frame a consideration?

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by Delorre

Scott Addict Premium disc should be a good contender. If it's as good in all the aspects of the non disc version + a little more compliancy, that would be an awesome mix! Problem could be finding stock, when I asked for it in november, stock for Benelux was foreseen in march or something, but only 5 or 6 :o

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by sprinter131

Related to this, anyone know when the Etap hydraulic disc bikes are finally expected to ship?

Been waiting on the Giant TCR Advanced SL Disc for a while now. Apparently Sram was having issues with ramping up mass production.

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by MyM3Coupe

The fact you mention "weight" and disc brakes in the same sentence is odd. You don't buy a disc bike for weight.

by Weenie

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by Shrike


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