Extralite OC Road vs. Hyperstem

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by dak

Hi All,

I am considering swapping to the Extralite road stems, needing a 120mm. I can buy an older Road OC with the torx bolts used for $160 or a new Hyperstem from FWB for $210. Weight savings would be around 60 grams vs. my Easton EA90 stem which has been my go-to stem for years (stiff and reliable). Not sure how much of the weight delta could be made up with Ti stem bolts

The main difference I am seeing besides the interchangeable graphics on the hyperstem (not relevant to me since I am running a negative rise), is the angle choices on the Hyperstem. The OC is an 8 deg vs the hyperstem which comes in a 12 and 6. I currently run a 120mm -10 deg, and would probably choose the 12 deg as I my stack height is as low as it can be on my 2016 Evo Hi-Mod, but I could make the 8 deg work. (not a fan of the -17 look)


From the Fairwheel stem review, the Hyperstem is 6 grams lighter but also slightly less stiff, so for me that would be in favor of the OC.

I am a little concerned over the reports of bar slippage, but I don't do a ton of heavy pushing/pulling on the hoods when I ride and I imagine sprinting from the drops would not be as big a concern for slippage. Also it seems a lot of people seem to be ok as long as proper install is done with carbon paste.

Anything I am missing or any other thoughts / recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

My 2016 Evo Hi-Mod

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