My 3t Bars Toast?

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by sethjs

I found these lying around in my garage with a Zipp SL stem attached. Took the stem off and looks like the stem was over tightened and the carbon in the bar impacted some.

These safe to ride or they toast? I'd say that ledge you see is 1mm or less high.



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by Weenie

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by abrown3mtg

OUCH. I'll let others pipe in but that doesn't look good to me. I'm guessing they are shot. I'm sorry. My friend. It looks like an overzealous hand with an allen vs torque wrench did a number on those.

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by Kayrehn

With carbon parts you often can't be sure what the extent of the damage is, so if it looks bad, assume the worst. This was obviously crushed to some extent, don't risk it.

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by PSM

All my 3T carbon bars ended up like that. Even after correkt Nm. It's crap. (Team and LTD.)

I use Deda 100 aluminum now days. Worth the extra 70 grams penalty.

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by wheelsONfire

I agree with PSM. Both my 3T bars looks same. I have only used Team and torqued under max value. Still marks like this, not fully as deep though!

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by grumpier

Dave Koeffel aka SuperDave posts on SlowTwitch and he works for 3T. I would check with him. He has always been very helpful

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by sharkman

There is a reason pro's still refuse to use carbon bars. This bar might be ok but I wouldn't use it anymore

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by sethjs

Apparently this is quite the common problem on 3T Team Ergonova handlebars? Or at least, same happened to this guy and they were scanned and cut up. I also used a torque wrench and didn't exceed spec.

by Weenie

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