386 EVO and Hollowgram

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by KWalker

I already have SISL2 cranks and wondered if they would work on a 386 EVO frame if I replaced the spindle?
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by Weenie

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by NiFTY

Q factor will balloon out. And chainline will be way off. In a word - no.
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by ms6073

Short answer, no! Long answer, longer spindle only moves chainrings further away from bike, so Hollowgram will only work with BB30/PF30 framesets.
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by Hexsense

My answer: not reccommend for Rim brake but should be okay for disc brake with long chainstay.

- Chainline are pushed out so it's not ideal for rim brake but okay for disc brake where the rear hub spacing are 135mm or 142mm instead of traditional 130mm which means cassette are also pushed out a little bit. Especially if you bike has chain stay that are 410mm or longer (preferably longer).
While it's true that 135OLD will only move cassette out 2.5mm while BB30 (68mm) to BB386 (86mm) move chainline out 9mm ((86-68)/2). the chainline was quite problematic before even with 130OLD with traditional chain line as this diagram so move it out further might not be too bad.
- Q factor are wider. However, unmodified Hollowgram cranks are the narrowest Q-factor road crank that i know of. Making it wider by longer spindle only make it a bit wider than Sram crankset.

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