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by Mr.Gib

ghisallo2003 wrote:Or of course, when the peloton is actually riding a re-badged custom Parlee.

Ha, forgot about that. Those days are mostly gone but it was always interesting to see the choices riders made when they did not use the sponsors bikes.

Or for those who must have tour tested technology, get a Parlee Altum instead of a Z1. Monocoque, made in Asia, like most bikes in the pro peleton. :P Getting back on the Altum this Spring I can say it has really grown on me. If you can make the geo work, the thing is a beast.
wheelsONfire wrote: When we ride disc brakes the whole deal of braking is just like a leaving a fart. It happens and then it's over. Nothing planned and nothing to get nervous for.

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by C36

waltthizzney wrote:the best bikes are the ones peloton proven, with companies that can invest millions into R&D, simple as that

With all your respect this is a absolute nonsense and it reflects how blinded people can be by the "pro-approved".
You have numerous cases of bikes that are not well received by pros, rarely it leaks to the press (happened once or twice last year) but with insider info it's something common.
It has alway been the case, from the Once hating initial Giants, jalabert having issues with his Looks, Bonjour having issues with Spinergy to complaints on initial S5, Focus, Or some Spe...
Now it doesn't mean that a bike that is disliked by the pro may not be a good bike for you... But in all cases having a bike in the pro tour means... Nothing

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by Weenie

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by toutadroit

My Z3 doubles as 6kg wall art. It comes very occasionally for my Sunday rides. It is hands down the finest riding bicycle I have ever ridden. Technology in this case doesn't trump craftsmanship and design.

Only reason to sell is that I enjoy admiring it too much and I ride more dirt nowadays.

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