Wonder how much the new SRAM shifters weigh

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by fromtrektocolnago

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by sd5500

4/1 joke

by Weenie

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by oldnslow2

Yup... sure looks like TT levers on a 3D printed base.

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by Pokerface07

sd5500 wrote:4/1 joke

1/4 joke in Europe. :lol:
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by RussellS

It was a good story. Obviously written by some kid who started biking after STI-Ergo became the only shifting system. Writer never rode a bike with downtube shifters. Article says "The electronic levers will mimic the vague and awkward shifters that were prevalent on all road bikes until the late 80’s." and "but harkens back great memories of unsafe gear changes in tight criteriums and screaming high speed descents". Awkward? Downtube shifters are located exactly where your hand falls when you take it off the bars. Nothing awkward about that. Downtube shifters are a little vague. You have to have experience to know how much to push and pull on every shift. Pull the lever down and overshift a hair and then push it back to center the chain on the cog. Technique. Not sure how its unsafe. You do take one hand off the bars to shift. But you do that when grabbing your water bottle. No one talks about people crashing when they reach for a water bottle.

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