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by mattCSUK

Now about to embark on the Hot Chille Paris Roubaix adventure at the end of April. What tips have you guys got, I'm slightly larger at 105kg what pressure would be best in the tyres?

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by jeffy

assuming a road bike 28mm or 30mm if you can fit them. at 105kg i would think ~90psi or lower if you are using tubeless.

Someone i know has ridden them and used an old Domane, two pairs of bib shorts, double wrapped tape.
Apparently it "wasn't that bad, fine really".

Enjoy it. I would love to do it.

by Weenie

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by AfromD

Your hands take a beating, so double bar tape or a carbon bar that dampens vibration is important. The cobblestones can be brutal, this is not neatly laid city cobblestones, but they are basically farm tracks. Forget about having anything attached to your bike like saddlebags, mine lasted about 100m. Also make sure everything is tight, a friend's cassette came loose on the cobbles. Don't worry about drink bottles, every cobble section is littered with lost bottles. So thirst is the least of your problems. (you will want to take 500ml bottles, the big ones are too heavy)

And ride out all the pavé right through the middle so that you never have to go back another year to do it again properly. Once in a lifetime suffices, it really is not pleasant. For the same reason, buy all the souvenirs you can get. I think in Arenberg there was a perfectly smooth bike path next to the cobbles. Don't do it. That's not what you are there for. And don't use a mountain bike. Stadium finish in Roubaix is fantastic though.

For tires, I used 28's with latex tubes for better pinch resistance, but now I have tubeless, and I would also trust them to do the job.

Lille is a nice place to stay, nicer than Roubaix.
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by yinya

Don't use gloves - anything with seams, etc. will give you blisters. Band-aid your bottles for Arenberg. Tighten your bottom bracket, cassette, etc. anything that could come loose beforehand. Double bibs not necessary.

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by mattCSUK

Thanks everyone. Some good tips! Looking forward to it now!

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