Supersix - what chain keeper and what cage/bottle ?

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by island

I have most parts for a Supersix Evo HM 2015 build (frame from Paul's last year...) but I still have a few incidental bits to buy.

Any advice on :

-- chain keeper
The frame has a braze on FD fitting and I am using DA9000 with the SISL2 chainset (52/36).
What is a good chainkeeper to use with this setup?

-- bottle cage & bottle
I need a pair of bottles and bottle cages.
I've been using a small camelbak podium 710ml on my other bike and it seems ok.
I'll have a read around for which bottles work with which cages but does anyone have any advice for a light cage that would work with the camelbak podium 710 bottles?

Then I guess it's just a bell and a wicker basket for the front...

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by froze

You do need to know how many mm in diameter your tube is at where the FD is at. Paul can help you with, see:

Cages really depend on what look you want and to some degree how much you want to spend, but spending a lot of money for one doesn't get you anything you can't get from medium price ones. Bontrager RL is a nice cage that comes in a wide assortment of colors and will handle a 24 ounce bottle at a low cost of just $20 while only weighing 38 grams. Chris King makes a nice stainless steel cage as well as a titanium one, not sure why! If by chance you have a Lezyne Road Drive pump, Lezyne makes a nice strong alloy cage that has provision for the pump to mount to it. If you like the carbon look Deda Carbon SR1 is a reasonably priced CF cage. A unique looking cage is the Elite Moreo Inox stainless cage.

I would stay away from the cages with the rubber cage arms that allows for different shape of bottles and stretches to fit the bottle fast, but rubber deteriorates fast in the sun.

by Weenie

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