Canyon Ultimate AL SLX 9.0 or CF SL 9.0?

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by tinusfernanda


I have been reading this forum for a long time and thought I could join in on this one. I currently own an Canyon AL F8 and an Ultimate SL and have ridden a Canyon CF and AL in the past with same components which I both crashed at some point in time.

Personally I think in terms of stiffness "feeling" there is not much difference, I weigh 75kg and I am not an impressive sprinter, but I have ridden both bikes in crits and races and never had an issue with both bikes. The big difference to me is the feeling of the ride. The Alu canyon feels like a harsh and hard ride where the carbon version feels more balanced, less road buzz and a bit more comfortable ride.

In terms of fatigue, I have ridden my Alu canyon for at least 100.000km in crits and races and haven't noticed any difference or seen any cracks that could indicate fatigue or any corrosion.

In any case I think you can't go wrong with either frame.

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by Roel W

I have both and I still ride both: previous Ultimate AL (2010) and current Ultimate CF SL (2014), both Campagnolo Athena groupsets. I agree Tabe there's a big difference between the two bikes but I wouldn't state the CF is much better. They are just different.
The CF is more suited for long rides, but that's also because I'm running smooth box section rims (Campagnolo Neutron) and 25mm on it. When I replace the Ksyrium 23mm on the AL by Neutron and 25mm Open Corsa it's runs also very smooth (but not as the CF) (officially running 25mm tires on a 2010 Ultimate AL this is not possible but I replaced the rear brake by an older Campagnolo Centaur so the tires don't rub anymore, latest Ultimate AL iteration can handle 25mm tires). I don't run the Corsa's al the time as they're prone to punctures.
Both bikes have almost the same weight (CF a little bit lighter but not that much).
The AL handles razor sharp and rear stiffness seems to be higher then on CF but that's only a feeling, cannot make this hard.
I prefer riding my CF but when I'm back on the AL, I remember how good, light, stiff and still comfortable this bike is. I also have to add that the groupset on the AL is slightly better, despite both being Athena, the 2010 version offers Ultratorque cranckset and Ultrashift like Record. It adds to the pleasure of rinding the AL.

I don't know the goal of you next purchase but if it will be used for racing I would consider the AL as it's a bit cheaper in case of a crash. If you're riding long days in the saddle I would prefer the CF.
Overall both are good bikes.

About longetivity and fatigue: I had a problem with a crack in the front mech braze on (never crashed the bike) a few years ago but Canyon replaced the frame quick and without any problem or discussion.
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