Spider for SISL Hollowgram (pic)

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by Luca79

I recently switched to 50-34 chainrings and I noticed that the 110mm-3.5mm spider is quite on the heavy side.
The WW in me has since started thinking at a lighter option.

Do you have suggestions? Who makes that part in a super light version? Thanks!


by Weenie

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by NiFTY

If you are running round rings just get a spidering.
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by Luca79

Yes but I have those super light 50-34 rings, I doubt that the spiderings system would be lighter.
It's just the spider that I think can be improved.

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by Valbrona

This is where you want your bike to be stiff, especially if you are big guy. Those chainrings look as if they might bend in a strong wind.

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by Marin

Stiffness is overrated (as is weight) but the Extralite rings are surely stiff enough for most users.

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by Svetty

Those spiders are pretty light.....

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by jpanspac

You could try adding some drillium to the spider. No big deal if it doesn't work out since you're thinking of ditching it anyway.
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by Qman

Those spiders are supposed to be 42g. You can't get much lighter than that. I'm not aware of any lighter versions of that spider, and that's probably because it's tough to make it any lighter! You might be able to cut 5g off, but it really isn't worth trying. I wouldn't recommend drillium. Cannondale already has things optimized, so any additional holes could jeopardize the life of the part. Having a spider break in the middle of a high-watt effort is not something that you want to experience.

by Weenie

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by Hexsense

get a power meter that replace those spiders.
Power2Max (or Quarq) spiders are around 150g so you add about 104 grams to get both legs power measured accurately which might worth it compare to Stages that add 20g to left side crank arm and measure only one side.

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