Best way to strip paintwork to inspect carbon underneath?

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by Shrike

Was cleaning up a frame to send it off to repair, then thought.. wait a minute. Why not strip the paint off a bit to see what the damage is really like under there. I mean, if it really needs repaired professionally, then it won't affect them either way.

Some pics.


by Weenie

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by NiFTY

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by 4ibanez

I'm wet sanding my forks at the moment. You'll get there slower, than razoring but if you want to leave the area un-disturbed sanding would be my suggestion.

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by jupis

You can tap around the damaged area with a coin. If there is a bit muted sound vs. undamaged area it is possibility that the carbon is delaminated.
Razorblade is good for stripping the paint (and damaged carbon)

IMO looks like this is something more severe than just chipped paint.
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by kode54

yeah. looks like a break in the carbon fibers. and since its still somewhat together...probably an easy repair.

oh, i wouldn't even bother to take any paint off to see. what's done is done and better off just sending it in.
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by Shrike

Razorblade it is, thanks guys. Yeah done the coin test and it's definitely sounding like a repair job.

Just curious :lol:

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by Calnago

What? You're even wondering? I thought you were just curious to see what it looks like deep down. It's broken. Needs fixin' I'm afraid. Like my C59. But do the coin test. You'll hear the dull thud but don't confuse it with the sound of your heart as you realize it's broke.
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by Weenie

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by mvacolnago

If you are in the states, send it to Ruckus or Calfee, both will make it as good or better then new

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