Campag Bora Ultra two needs turing - whats the advice for taking care

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by ViggenNut

Any advice for truing a Campag Bora Ultra two with a 5mm run out

Got the UT HU060 tool on order....

I think I read you need to take care with adjusting spokes as some parts are aluminium

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by Calnago

5mm runout... Ouch! I've only ever had to replace one spoke in a Bora Ultra Two. I don't know what the runout was but I stopped riding it as soon as it broke, as it was unridable anyway. I just used a fresh spoke and hardware from the available spoke kit, replaced the broken one then tensioned it up to match the others and it was good to go again and has remained so ever since.

What happened to yours that it's so out of true? And you always need to take care so as not to round the edges of an aluminum nipple. The other thing is to make sure the piece that sits on the inside of the wheel that the nipple butts up againt is in the right orientation. I've never had to do any truing on a Bora to date, except for the replacing of a single spoke as just described.
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by Weenie

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by ViggenNut

I was wrong, it not 5mm out but about 3mm out..... dunno how as they are from a pal of mine.

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by graeme_f_k

Truing is not all that straightforward. All G3 wheels are sensitive to tension and you can end up with a bigger problem than you started with.

3 - 5 mm is a big trueness error to arise - depending on the model you might want to send it back to a Service Centre that is trained to work on and is accustomed to dealing with Boras. If you don't know what you are doing (no offence intended) don't "have a go" in the hope that if it all goes wrong you can get a SC to rescue it - there are mistakes that get made that we can't fix!
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by colster

Hey ViggenNut you should probably listen to Graeme on this one - that G3 or "crows foot" spoke pattern of Campag wheels does not behave like "normal" crossed or radially laced wheels i.e. the wheel building/truing method is different and can throw even experienced mechanics. 5mm is quite an immense amount to be out, and you don't know until you try what state the internal nipples are in i.e. if they've seized or not, which changes the task considerably from a spoke replacement and wheel true to an all out cut-all-the-spent-spokes-and-re-build job.

If you're in the UK I'd say just send them to Graeme @ Velotech, as that's what I did when I broke a spoke in my rear Bora). Bora's are fantastic wheels, and also very expensive wheels, so just think - do you wanna risk messing that up?

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by ViggenNut

Ok, listened to all the advice, contacted the local Campagnolo repair shop in my region in France and hey presto.... as expected nothing, hopeless, no response to calls, emails, complete crap service... apparently they do exist but I've given up trying to contact them.

So, rebuilt the wheel myself, 18 new campag spokes, special plates washers for inside the wheel and new nyloc campag nuts. Used a Park spoke tension tool, 5mm hex key, pliers with protection to grip but not mark spokes on tightening and basically rebuilt the wheel very gradually tensioning all of the spokes to an identical tension as those on a perfect Campag Bora Ultra 2, then performed a stress relief, adjusted tension another stress relief and with loads of care and checking I now have a perfectly round and very true wheel.

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Oh and bye the way... it was a front wheel....

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by Nefarious86

Lucky you're an engineer, Those pesky radial laced front wheels tend to trip up the rest of us feeble mortals.....
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by ViggenNut

Trek 5.2 with Campag Bora 2 Ultra front wheel rebuilt yesterday

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by PinaRene

My Bora rear wheel was 2mm out of center. Truing stand - good spoke key and common sence did the job. Rode around 500 km before I tested the wheels 2 weeks ago on the " red course " of the Tour the Flandres. Wheels are still perfectly true, and I am not an engineer.


by Weenie

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by ab01ns

Nefarious86 wrote:Lucky you're an engineer, Those pesky radial laced front wheels tend to trip up the rest of us feeble mortals.....

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