Accidentally bought a counterfeit Look :(

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by bremerradkurier

I'd be perfectly fine having the seller sent to French Guyana Papillon style.

by Weenie

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by dj97223

Cash payment in a back alley: "I knew it was probably stolen, but I didn't know it was fake. Man, you can't trust anyone these days." :roll:
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by Calnago

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by Antoine

Leboncoin is notoriouslly bad, fake or stolen goods for sale, sellers robbed at gunpoint, ...

If you are still in Paris go in a police station to tell your story. If you can provide some information on the seller and proof of payments they may help you.
You can set up a meeting with the seller (pretexting something like wanting to buy another bike or stuff) and they will arrest him as soon as he shows up.

If not go in any police station (in a large city) or a gendarmerie (small city) for advice.

If you have to go through the tribunal d'instance it's going to take a long time.

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by jeffy

not to say it IS unreliable, but i wouldn't trust it.

Buy a CAAD / Emonda ALR Frameset

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by rainerhq

I heard Team Sky bought their trispoke wheels from Paris.
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by NiFTY

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by ghisallo2003

rainerhq wrote:I heard Team Sky bought their trispoke wheels from Paris.

No. Couriered over from Manchester. No point in buying locally when you can pay someone to travel for a day.

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by glepore

I'm with the camp that is flipping you the bird-bargain price, cash, back alley...hmmm, sounds like you were ok being on the side of the crime that made out, and ended up on the side of the crime that didn't.

Ride the damn thing, its probably fine, and if it isn't you deserve what you get.
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by jimaizumi

Sorry to hear the bad news. I hope that you didn't pay "look" prices for that counterfeit frame but at this point, its all in hindsight.

Since you have it, can't do anything about it in regards to re-selling it, might as well build it with cheap components and use as a commuter bike?

If it looks too good to be true, sounds too good to be true, then well.. it probably, the reality is exactly that.. for a reason.
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by geedawg

To echo a lot of what's been said, just b/c it is counterfeit doesn't mean that it is dangerous to ride. . .it could potentially be just fine. On the other hand, it could explode over the first pothole. You just have no idea with these type of frames. I wouldn't touch it myself. . .not worth the potential of injury. But like some others on the forum, it could be just fine. Everyone has a different level of risk adverse-ness.

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by superdx

I'd echo a previous comment and go with an aluminium frame like CAAD, Canyon or Trek. Fairly inexpensive. You said you spent a fair bit on the components already so an aluminium frame should not be out of your reach.

You might be fine, but an accident might cost you way more in medical bills. More importantly, time off the bike. I wouldn't risk it.

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by fabriciom

chipomarc wrote:You guys buying these are the same types that are buying stolen bikes.

Never bough a stolen bike in my life. Also, because I bought a copy does not mean I was going to buy the original.

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by mattr

chipomarc wrote:can't think of anyone being so stupid as to think Look would care about this.
Can't think of anyone stupid enough to think that a manufacturer wouldn't be interested in someone selling counterfeit frames.

Oh, yeah. Maybe one. :shock:

by Weenie

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by wingguy

mattr wrote:
chipomarc wrote:can't think of anyone being so stupid as to think Look would care about this.
Can't think of anyone stupid enough to think that a manufacturer wouldn't be interested in someone selling counterfeit frames.

Sure but it's clearly in the context of the OP wondering if Look can do something for him (my impression was he was asking them to give him a real frame to replace his fake) which is cloud cuckoo land stuff.

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