Fastest 700c clincher tire?

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by eyedrop

I was wondering if the Continental Supersonic 700c tires are still the absolute fastest damn clincher tire you can buy when puncture resistance and wear are of ZERO concern??

Ive seen tests where the Vittoria Corsa Speed gets lower rolling resistance numbers. But the tire was tubeless with sealant instead of a tube which might have played a role in getting such good numbers. On top of that, the Conti weighs a good 50-60 grams less than the Corsa, coming in at a staggering 150g.

What I find strange is Continental says the tire is only for TT's and not intended for road races or training. I find that strange since plenty of road races are under 100 miles. Surely the tire would last longer then that?
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by jwj410

I saw somewhere where the Schwalbe Pro One tubeless beats out the GP4's...I need to find that link. Makes sense a tubeless would beat out a clincher/tube combo since there is less internal friction happening

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by Weenie

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by mpulsiv

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by eyedrop

Its a shame the Supersonics haven't been tested. I have a feeling they would be very competitive. They are Conti's flagship tire after all....

The fastest clincher on that list is the Grand Prix TT, a tire that is considered slower than the Supersonic according to Conti.

And I feel like the Corsa Speed has the unfair advantage in RR numbers simply because they were tested tubeless. Well, maybe not unfair. But just apples and oranges... With a tube, I think we would see different numbers more inline with the rest of the tires in that list.

It is still nice to see the tubeless numbers though... Tubeless seems to have its advantages for sure!

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by GothicCastle

There is no fastest tire. It depends to a great deal on the rest of your equipment.

Strive for a good, fast tire that works well with your current wheels, frame, etc. of those, there are many.

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by CarlosFerreiro

Tom Anhalt just posted his results for the Corsa Speed TLR. Lowest crr tyre he has tested and essentially the same for tubeless or with a latex tube.

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by Marin ... party.html

Supersonic tested. Also wins aero because narrow is still king in realistic (0-5°) yaw

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by hambini

I thought bikeradar said the michelin was the best?

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by Ltyarbro42

hambini wrote:I thought bikeradar said the Michelin was the best?

They didn't test the ultra high-end tires. I realize that's a little vague, but the kept it to reasonable tires.

by Weenie

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