Look HSC 5SL fork in a CAAD7 frame

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by hoojammyflip

I am in the process of building up a CAAD7 frame from Ebay, and have a nice looking HSC 5SL fork to go with it. I was mucking about with old bearing races to see what would fit, and the carbon inbuilt bearing crown of the HSC 5SL is clearly not a 45 but a 36. What suprised me is how high the 45 degree bearing sat on the fork.

Has anyone used the HSC 5SL fork with a CAAD....does it leave a big gap at the bottom of the frame about the fork crown?

I've ordered a Cane Creek 36/45 41.8 headset, so will possibly be able to put the frame and fork together shortly, but I would be keen to get advice from anyone who has successfully mated this fork to a CAAD frameset, like the CAAD7, 8 or 9, which have the 1 1/8th fork steerers.

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