OSBB to BSA - what's the best solution?

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by ak47

So I got myself a nice Tarmac SL frame and I plan to install 9100 crankset in it. What's the best adapter to make it possible? I would like to use the ceramicspeed bearings that are already installed in the frame. I've heard some positive opinions on the wheels mfg adapter. Is it the right way to go?

http://wheelsmfg.com/bb-pf30-universal- ... a-etc.html

And is this adapter all that I will need?

by Weenie

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by glam2deaf

Those adaptors should be all you need, however it's not the best solution, a lot of people complain about creaking while using the adaptors. I would suggest looking at the wheels mfg BB, there is a ceramic option. The screw together set up and lack of adaptors should make for a painless creak free set up.

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by Pokerface07

I use the Rotor BB on mine. It's a new unit so you can't use the existing bearings but it screws into the BB shell and works really well.

Know other that have used the Praxis one and also the C-Bear one.
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by Briscoelab

wheels mfg

by Weenie

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by lovemyway

Didn't you get these adapters with the frame? Isn't it something like this: http://s7d5.scene7.com/is/image/Special ... 25?$Large$? I got something like this with the Venge, most of the Tarmac frames should come with these too.

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