Does bike weight matter?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by TurboKoo

What I've understood is that 1kg equals ~4,5w in the WT level on long climbs.
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by Weenie

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by mikedkelly

I lightened my bike by 18 kg and climbing is so much easier now - oh wait, that was rider weight. :)

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by nycebo

Honestly, weight matters. Period. I think everyone on WW would agree that a 50lb bike would be harder to drag up a hill than a 15lb bike. I think what the OP might be asking is as what point does the increase in price or possible decrease in reliability/safety of dropping 1lb (or 1 oz for you fanatics) outweigh the benefits? And that, my friends, is a very personal question. To the former, if you're rich; have at it! To the latter, one would hope that manufacturers are concerned about rider safety and product liability. Witness Pinarella and the max weight for their ultra-light F8.

For my part, I don't know if I can feel an ounce, but I could definitely feel 3 lbs when I swapped into my carbon frame from a 20 year old bike. Did it lead to better PRs? Well, I've also been riding more. As an earlier post in this thread mentioned, RACING is the only true measure.

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by jlok

Weight affecting average climbing speed is objective and measurable.

How people value the weight loss / speed gained is subjective.

Since it is WW forum, the value must be high.
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by stockae92

that really depends. in reality, if you are not racing, weight doesn't matter. Just get a compact crank and 11-28(32) in the back, you can get over almost any hill (with enough time).

but i do enjoy having a lighter bike. i went from a 19 lb bike to 16.75 lb. Is the weight noticeable? yes. but not really matter when i am deep into the suffering of climbs, the pain is the same. LOL

a lighter bike won't make a difference if you will finish that climb or not, but it will make a difference on how fast you will get there (if the only variable is the bike weight)

Is it worth it? that's different by people. its worth it to me to a certain extend.

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by bremerradkurier

My 20 year old self at 67kg on my then 21lb bike would kick my 49 year old ass at 84kg on an 18lb bike.

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