Hints for 1" carbon road fork

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by garjo

Some good full carbon 1" forks are Look HSC1,HSC2, HSC3
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by Slimtim

I strongly recommend the super light Columbus Minimal forks. Full carbon and look great.

by Weenie

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by glepore

Those Look forks are great riding forks but not for large guys, they were criticized for being overly flexy back in the day. I like them, but I'm 5'5 and clearly in a minority.
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by Rick

I have a Look KG76 frame that I still ride; but the original 1" HSC fork was very flexy, such that it would shimmy at high speed. I replaced it with an Easton EC90SL fork and it immediately cleaned up the handling.
The Easton 1" forks are no longer made, but might still be available on ebay.
Also, I have always had very good luck with Ritchie components, so even though I have not had their 1" fork, it looks like a good one and worth a try.

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by pogue51

I'm currently hunting for the same thing for my MX leader. I've had the bike for a while and purchased the frame with a re spayed carbon fork.
Love the bike but looking to replace the fork with something that I know what it is. Merckx MAX forks are really hard to find and you're right, the weigh a tonne.
Leaning towards the Columbus Minimal. Seems to check all the boxes as far as rake etc.

good luck

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by spartacus

Just get a new Columbus minimal from U.K. I have one on my Calfee and it seems good.

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by Bmim

anyone have a ride report on the new Columbus minimal fork? Any comparison to the straight all carbon Fiandre being made by Mizuno up until the mid 2000s. Tha fork had alot of pro wins under its belt. Anyone ride both and have a comparison.

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by RyanH

I have a few hundred miles on my Columbus Minimal so far. It seems to be a really good fork. The fork judders a little under braking but so does my Evo fork. There's a certain point where a fork becomes stiff enough for a particular frame and any further comparison would require back to back rides, which at that point gets down to nit picking. This fork is at that level on my Litespeed Classic. It's night and day over the profile design fork (which is supposed to be comparable to the ritchey). It's also stiffer than my THM Scapula CT that was on my R5ca.

Mine was 300g cut with a CK steel crown race. Overall, I'd give it a highly recommend rating.
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by gonsales76

I've got a Look HSC full carbon on my old Alan Supercarbonio and I'm very happy with it...

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