Biggest water bottles on the market?

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by Shrike

Found the Elite MaxiCorsa 950ml ... e-EV209606

Naff looking

SIS 1litre ... yes/111220

Also bit lame

Zefal Magnum ... ter-bottle

Best yet.

Anything else? Has to be more than this. Anything half decent looking, anywhere? :shock:

by Weenie

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by vejnemojnen ... B00ELCZX8W ... r_products

several options for 1 litre bottles. I have an isostar one, after 4 years, it still without any issues, despite being dropped a few times during rides :mrgreen:

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by silvercivic27

I usually carry 2 or 3 in my jersey pockets if I really need more. Why can't you do that instead of getting really big bottles that are hard to get out of the cages?

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by Multebear

The isostar 1 l bottle are the same width as all other bottles. I've used mine in a couple of longer and very hot races with no issues. If you use them with some very tight bottle cages (like arundle mandible or elite), then they wont eject. Only thing is, they are so long, that they wont fit into smaller frames. I ride a Supersix size 56.

Carrying extra bottles in jersey pockets just isn't comfortable. And when you're sprinting they'll rattle around from side to side. Besides, if you're in the red zone and need fluid, you dont have energy to switch bottles several times.

It doesnt look pretty, and it's certainly against the Velominati rules, but I dont think the Velominati guys have done any very hot 150+ km races without service.

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by Shrike

I usually take Salomon collapsibles in the back pockets on 100mile + rides, but would prefer some larger bottles instead. Had the SIS 1l before and had no problems taking the bottles out of the Tacx Tao cages. Actually think it's a bit daft to suggest taking extra bottles in back pockets than simply having larger bottles on your bike :lol: Major case of upside down thinking there.

Anyway, thinking about multiday touring and bivvying at the moment. Really looking for biggest bottles I can find.

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by mattr

TBH, for multiday stuff, just fill up enroute. Shops, taps, pubs, cafes.

We did a 3 day lightweight tour with a couple of 600s each and never ran out, even doing 150km in the high 20's. (The block headwind on day 2 was the biggest issue. Especially when close to the coast, sand everywhere!)

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by RussellS

I've used the Zefal Magnum 1 liter bottles. Clear color. Can fit two of them in a 58cm frame just fine. Fit regular water bottle cages just fine. Used them on PBP for mixing up energy drinks.
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by mpulsiv

I carry a flask in jersey pocket. It's slim, soft and ultra light. Capacity is 500 ml and once you empty it and squeeze it, it will fit in the palm of your hand ... 05cf6941ec
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by Rush

I use the SIS 1 litre bottles. It's quite amazing how the extra capacity changes the way you think about long rides on a hot day.

by Weenie

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