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by thebadgerboy1982


Ive replaced all sorts on bikes but never had to do headset bearings!
Im replacing headset bearings for a trek emonda s. The steer tube is 1-1/8 to 1.5 tapered type. Its being used as a rough weather bike so i don't want to spend too much on new bearings.

Will any 1-1/8 to 1.5 set of bearings fit the frame? It the shape go the outer race always the same so the bearings can be swapped regardless of brand?


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by froze

Depends on the headset, most factory equipped headsets sealed cartridge bearings and the bearings can be replaced, meaning there are some that cannot be replaced, but you need to remove the headset and post the brand and model number, or research it yourself to see if bearings are available. From what I could find out Trek doesn't list the brand and model of the headset they used, so it's either generic which means there will be no branding on it, or the spec'd out several different companies for the headset and they didn't want to list the brand because they would never know which one would be on any specific bike. If it's generic you might still be able to remove the cartridge and take it to your LBS and see if they can get the part.

If you already have a set of new bearings then I would just install them and see if they work! and the bearings you are talking about should work, but if you haven't bought them yet and aren't sure then take the headset into an LBS and have them check it.

If no bearing cartridge is available I would look at Cane Creek 40 series and find the right one, this is an excellent headset for the money, and the bearings are completely replaceable should that ever be needed.

by Weenie

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