2017 Supersix Evo (non HiMod) WW project

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by mikey168

How's it going WW...

Here's my updated WW build.


My previous project was built around a size 56cm 2013 Supersix Evo RED frame which came in at 5.8kgs (SRAM + Meilensteins)

I have since downsized to a 54cm because it fits me slightly better and it just so happens that it came with a stealth black paint job that I was after.

I opted to stick to a non HM SS Evo frame again this time because I felt I could use the cost savings towards an eTap instead (which has already arrived so expect it to be fitted by end of the month) Fact is I was already very happy with the ride quality of my previous Evo plus at the end of the day, it's the riding experience and the 'engine' performance that counts.

Reasonably happy with this build, it came in at 6.12kg without pedals, cages & Garmin mount. The Stages power meter is still there, but I opted to run on aluminium wheels permanently (instead of my Meilensteins because they braked like shit). Once the eTap is fitted I expect the weight to go up slightly but it will make for a tidier build and a thoroughly more enjoyable experience.

Very disappointed with the Hylix seat post that I ordered from ebay though, quality control was freaking lousy because the diameter of the seatpost was not consistent. I ended up with the Cannondale SAVE seatpost instead and chopped about 70mm from it. I could go with slightly lighter tires (Michelin or Veloflex) but figured I'll just use my spares for now. Next thing to be swapped out would be the headset because the cone spacer looks to be made from some kinda chunky aluminium, and someday I might also replace the SRAM brakes for eeCycleworks brakes.

Overall, first impressions are very positive - the bike certainly likes to boogie when you give it some juice, so stiffness is not a problem there... what left me in awe though was the difference in handling - It just felt a lot sharper and responsive to inputs in a linear fashion through corners, all from just sizing down the frame (stem length and riding position remained the same). It is a lot more chuckable but it never feels fragile, and I would say the compliance is just a tad better than my previous evo... It's definitely noticeable, but not mind blowing.

Any questions welcomed

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by choiboi

Great looking frame/bike.
Did you manage yo weight the bare frame and fork??

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by mikey168

choiboi wrote:Great looking frame/bike.
Did you manage yo weight the bare frame and fork??

No sorry... But based on the weight of the components that were taken from my old bike, I would estimate it should be close to 965g for the frame and 297g for the fork (+\- 3%) with seat collar, mech hanger and cage bolts

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by mikey168

Yes, I agree... I don't understand why ppl seem so hung up on HiMod frames even though the standard ones are already so so good... I'm very excited to have eTap fitted after my sportive this weekend

Any pics of your Evo mouse64?

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by Beaver

Nice ride! :D

Could you please measure the distance between the chain stays at the nearest part?

I wonder if the new 30mm Enve SES 3.4 would fit...?


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by dastott

How tall are you? Considering downsizing on my next Evo too.

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by kidrob

Looks great! I always love the golden chains. Is there a way to swap the red shifters to black?

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by alexgodmar

Hey! Could you re-upload the picture by any chance? Iam starting my non-HM build today and any inspiration would be appreciated. Cheers!

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