Campagnolo Athena 11 Speed Triple LH Lever as a Double?

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by 5 8 5

Is it still possible to use a Campagnolo Athena 11 Speed Triple Left Hand Lever (with EPS style button) as a Double?
I know it was possible in the past but is it still the case?

Also how many clicks does this lever have? I've been unable to find the answer from Campag docs.

by Weenie

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by duvivr6

I have a set of Veloce with the new style clicker, mine have 3 clicks even though they are 20 speed ones.
I thought all shifters had the 3clicks and could be used either way? <-- Not 100% on this

I don't think it would be any issues to use those as double if set up correctly.

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by joejack951

My question is, what could possibly prevent it from working as a double shifter? About the only potential issue I can see is chainline but I doubt that will make a difference. You may just need to max out the inner stop screw to position the inner cage of the FD correctly for the inner ring of a double. If a triple shifter can hit three chainrings spaced ~7mm apart, surely it can hit two. I guess the other issue would be trying to use a double front derailleur with a triple shifter if they have different cable pulls. But the likely fix for that is using the triple FD.

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by Valbrona

I am inclined to think the clicks would be uneven:-

> inner ring
> middle ring, inner trim position
> middle ring, outer trim position
> outer ring

Not like the original 10 speeds with lots of even clicks, and which was both double and triple compatible. An Athena 11 Triple Ergo now works similar to a Shimano triple lever.

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by 5 8 5

Thanks Valbrona, that's what I was wondering about, how the clicks were different considering it's a triple specific lever.

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