CAAD12 for climbing?

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by superdx

Multebear wrote:Regarding tiresize on Evo hi-mods. I have both a 2012 and a 2014 version. The curious thing is, that the older one takes 25 mm tires rear, and the newer one doesn't :unbelievable:

This makes me want to throw a wrench at the Cannondale engineers hahaha

by Weenie

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by Multebear

Me too. And it doesn't make any sense at all. But they fixed it on the new Supersix model, the one from 2016 with slimmer tubes.

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by nemeseri

superdx wrote:It's a hair slower but not where I'm trailing PRs by minutes. It just doesn't feel as reactive. It feels "ploddy". The Evo feels like you get 105% effort out. CAAD10 feels like you get 95%. Note that this is just "feel".

It's just in your head.

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by MisterMuncher

I've had very much the opposite experience. My CAAD10 feels faster than my Evo himod, on any terrain, but the numbers don't lie, and they're pretty much tied. Fwiw, the Evo is a good kilo lighter. I'm not fortunate enough that I can afford to race on my Evo, it's my luxury Sunday bike. For Hill climbing, I'm using an old steel fixie, my time trial bike with different gears. If you're racing hills, it's the way to go. For a general purpose climbing bike, anything will do, just sort your position and work on cardio.

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