Birthday build.... looking for suggestions

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by jever98

Next year, I'll have a round birthday. Excuse enough to think about a dream build. And to ask for suggestions :-).

What's in the stable:
- A Pasculli Altissimo (custom geo) DA 9070 Di2, Citec 3000 Carbon wheels, Speci cranks with P2M, just being repainted, getting Berk cockpit and has a Berk saddle
- An aluminium disc Ultegra gravelish winter bike, also with Citec wheels, Deda cockpit
- A Trek Speed Concept for triathlon / TT

About me: 2m tall, 88kg, long legs, shortish torso and arms, so don't fit that many stock frames, even though I have a reasonably sporty position. Mostly Endurance geometries work well for me (Domane, Roubaix, etc.). I find that on big frames stiffness is important, due to the long levers.

Characteristics I'd like to get:
- Disc frame (I ride a lot in the mountains and am convinced of the advantages)
- Reasonably light (got down to about 7kg, would hope to be a bit lighter next time)
- Clincher - tubs are too much hassle for me
- Decent comfort, but needs to be stiff in the head tube
- Fairly reliable - can't be bothered with very high maintenance flimsy parts - I have broken plenty of spokes on rear wheels until I went to Citec wheels

Current thinking:
- Berk custom disc frame with strong slope for long exposed seat post
- Berk seat post / saddle combo + cockpit
- ETap Hydro
- Speci cranks with a Quarq or P2M (I'd like to keep riding with a PM)
- Wheels... this is where it gets complicated. Bikeahead Biturbo Roads are light and clincher (and apparently stiff), but the looks.... hmmm. Any ideas for disc clinchers in the 1000-1200g range that are solid enough for a guy my size.
- Speedplays with titanium axles (the replacement ones from the states)

Fire away - inspiration and ideas are welcome. Especially slightly left field custom makers who do nice carbon stuff. Steel or titanium isn't too much my thing...

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by Weenie

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by jever98

It's not a disc frame and doesn't fit me very well.
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by byjinu

I recommend Specialized Tarmac or S-Works Tarmac

They also have Disk brake version and it is light weight

Roval is also good clincher

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by Marin

Custom steel or Ti frame. No way around it. :)

I know this is weightweenies, but I would still go for a "reasonable" instead of a "super light" build, under 8kg is fine and won't slow you down.

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by glam2deaf

You could be a good candidate for one of the new Trek Domane SLR Disc. It's a shame/joke that Trek don't currently allow you to spec higher than Ultegra Di2 and 600 level carbon. You should be able to get frame only though. Only downside is having to run a powermeter with a a 24mm spindle.

Great bike though, custom paint options, super comfortable, and pretty wide clearance.

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by jever98

@Marin - the reason I shy away from ti and steel is that I don't like the look of a big frame with thin tubes (steel) and I've had a Ti frame before. I know people will slaughter me for what I am about to say, but I don't really get the fascination with steel and ti frames - in the end it's a set of tubes that someone else made that's welded together. From that point of view, I find custom carbon more fascinating, especially if the builder makes the tubes. *duckandcover* ;-)

@byinju: yep, looked at the Tarmac. A bit long for me (would need to run a 100mm stem and some spacers on the 61), and I'm not wild about how the 61 looks, big frames are really difficult in terms of looks, often.

@glam2deaf: the Domane had definitely crossed my mind :). Downsides with Trek is BB90 (my Speed concept BB90 is a bit crappy, I must say)

FWIW - these are roughly the proportions of the bike as I see them happening:
upload pictures
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by jlok

Got a 2014 Domane Disc 4.5 (now called Domane S), the frameset is sturdy and high quality. Well worth a shot for SLR even through u have bad exp on bb90.
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by Weenie

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