Berk Lupine, Ax Lightness Leaf II. .

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by Vuong05

Where is the best place to order a Lupina saddle from if I'm in Canada?
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by snowdevlin

Have you tried contacting jure berk directly?
I'm on my second lupina, always talked to him before ordering and he's a great guy who replies , advises and even makes a nice discount :-)

by Weenie

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by Pan

I'm enjoying the seat so far.

I've ridden the AX Leaf II Plus for 400mi and a solid century. and you can't just get around the fact that it's a hard seat at times. It does flex and absorb bumps quite nicely. I've gone through hell pot holes and the seat hasn't completely shattered underneath me -- that was my first fear. It's rated far higher than my weight so it better hold up. ; ) My ass is the last thing I'm thinking about when I'm racing though.

It's hardly comfier than my Fizik Aliante more in line with the Specialized Romin Pro and Selle Italia Novus.
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by jrobart

Finally put the Lupina on my Seven 622 SLX. Crazy light and discernible difference in comfort from the Romin Pro that I've been riding. Had to play around with the fire/aft position a bit, but I'm really pleased with it so for. Haven't done anything over 50 miles yet, so no long ride reviews but no indication that comfort will decrease.

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by Vuong05

@jrobart, thanks for the review of the Lupina. Mine is on the way from Berk as we speak. Can't wait to try it out myself when it arrives.
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by LeviR

I currently have the Lupina 155 oval rails with leather covering and really loved it. It is much like my old S-works Toupe saddle but slightly longer.

The Lupina for me is a very comfortable saddle. The leather prevents you from slidding. Very nice.

I may buy another Berk saddle for my S-works epic mountain bike soon.

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by dgasmd

Have been riding a Selle Italia SLR kit Carbonio Flow for nearly 10 years and love it. Had to get a new one for another bike, and to my surprise, the new shape has my arz in serious pain and tears. Not to mention even with the saddle’s tip slightly up I always feel like I’m sliding forward continuously. Replaced it with a Lupina with oval rails and leather covering at 95 grm. Super comfortable and no more sliding forward from the first ride!!!
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by morganb

Curious what width the people that are coming from Specialized saddles are running? I've been almost exclusively on 143mm Specialized saddles, first the Romin Evo then the Toupe and the Phenom on my gravel bike.

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by Kayrehn

I used a 145 Carbon Toupe (the original light weight one) in the past. Tried my friend's Lupina for a carpark round and can feel the narrowness, but not sure if the feeling is adverse because his bike is pretty small for me. Then took the plunge for Berk's Lukna which supposedly have the same width, but it felt perfect (thankfully because it was a combo!). FWIW. I think the Lupina should fit fine if it was on my own bike, but that's just a guess.

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by UpFromOne

The Leaf is definitely a harder feeling saddle than the Berks.

Personally I have 4 Lupinas, but don't overlook Jure's "List" model, it's like a closed Lupina.

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by Kazyole

Anyone go from an Arione to a Berk Lupina?

Both 132mm so I'm hopeful it would work, but so hard to know in advance of ordering and just trying it out. I'm liking the idea of trying something with a cutout.

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