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by lactatehate

Don't suppose anyone has any experience setting up Specialized Roubaix Pro tires (the non-tubeless versions) tubeless on a tubeless friendly rim?



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by Sizzler

Running non-tubeless tires without a tube is considered extremely risky. Running with tubes is normal, like any other setup.

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by Hexsense

non tubeless rim as tubeless is possible with tape conversion.
non tubeless tire as tubeless is just NO!

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by lactatehate

thought as much but was just checking given the hardiness of the roubaix tires.

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by Ltyarbro42

The reason is the bead (if I understand correctly). You can get away with it on a mtb but in the case of road its way more dangerous.

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by Nefarious86

Different bead material in the tyre. Will end very badly.
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by Geoff

For road tires, you will not likely ever have a problem with crashing due to that, but that would be because you will not be able to mount the tire. Without the tubeless-specific bead design, as soon as you try to inflate the tire, it will blow-off the rim (it will scare the crap out of you, too,as I have seen it tried).

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by mattr

Worst case is that it does mount (some with very tight and/or steel beads will). Then a couple of days later (for instance when you are cornering hard) the bead blows off........

Which i've seen the after effects of. (Just the bike, not the rider.)

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by WinterRider

I'm revisiting this thread as I'm considering trying 26" rubber tubeless.. not designated as such. Understand the hysteria this brings for some... so noted. Mileage varies .. techniques, goals and level of care employed.

Running a set of 2" rubber on the Cdale rain day bike which rolls very well with an older flavor set of lugged 26" design -- for me that means aggressive thread meant more for trail conditions. Those at 35 front/40 psi rear. Beads on this rubber is substantial .. older quality tire designed to stay on low psi. Anyone w any experience in a new tire offered 26".. call it a 'sleeper' that does not carry the cost factor of tubeless.. say more to a road tread design sans the weight? A back up set for me.. winter home south.

Did purchase and install on #2 Litespeed Panaracer Gravel Kings 32mm that show 30.5 width on the Kinlin 200's at 13-14 internal width. Panaracer designates this rubber tubeless to 60 psi w a tire psi rating to 90 I think tubed. Lightwt .. initial impressions decent. Examining this tire got me thinking after a comparison to above mentioned 26". GK's not so trying to install .. by hand for me .. a road side repair event could be done. Panaracer's law dept likely set that limit at 60 psi w tests at 75 range tubeless showing failures... but where I'm going is bead designs of all tubed tires aren't deficient. Use some common sense in tire selection and the techniques applied for their use.

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by sussexhills

I've successfully ran 32c Panaracer Gravel Kings (the non TLR versions before they started producing these) tubeless for a summer off road with stans tape and sealant and never had any issues. I went up to about 70psi max but usually 50-60. Give it a go on the MTB for sure.

I wouldn't try this on a road bike or with pressures exceeding 70ish psi though.

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by WinterRider

Think the other thing I do not read considered .. is very warm weather useage. Tire definitely heats .. psi's go up .. another recipe for a blow off.

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by jfranci3

I think it would depend on the rim. I think you might be able to get away with it depending on the hooks and tires. I would try it on my Stan's Grails and 25c GP4000s because the bead sets so aggressively. I tried mounting a 35c Clement USH on the Grails tubeless and it wasn't happening. Maybe try it with an old tire that has been broken in.
I wouldn't worry too much about it on the road for training rides, but be prepared to clean up a tire and put a tube in. fla

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by WinterRider

Gravel Kings got the trial yesterday ... 71 miles .. mostly Tomorrow River trail. 60 psi front and 66-ish rear carrying my 180 lb. End of trail east bound I went road for 15+ miles return.. very subjectively I thought the ride was more harsh than expected .. albeit the cty highway was rough in spots .. road was the real issue.

I'd rate the tires fast tubeless .. all things considered. Satisfied w the purchase .. we'll see on wear.

Happy with the S Pro One tubeless too. Fast tire .. grippy .. corners fine. Meter per wear running...

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