Shamal Mille C17 vs DT-Swiss PR1400 Oxic

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by bruno2000

I'm in doubt between these 2 sets.
Esthetically I might take the DT-Swiss with the smaller spokes.
According to some reviews on the web the black coating of the DT-Swiss would not fade away.
The Shamal Mille C17 might be a bit lighter.

(I rode the Shamal Mille with smaller rim last year and liked it very much, very stiff and fast but after a view rides in the rain the black coating faded away and braking was not very impressive in the rain)

by Weenie

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by superdx

I can only comment on the Shamals, seems there's at least 5 sets in the groups I ride with. Every one of them has had the black color of brake track worn off. One is so bad it just looks like an aluminium clincher now with the entire brake track now a shiny silver.

In the wet they make a hideous squealing, sometimes in the dry too. Ksyriums have the same problem really.

I think the only way to keep a rim in black color is just to get a carbon wheel. These alloy material hacks don't seem to last very long.

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by Broady

Yeah, no matter how deep your hard anodize / ceramic coating is, one small stone caught in between your brake pad and rim is gonna make it silver no matter what.

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by mrlobber

The only thing why I'd consider DtSwiss in this case, would be that the replacement parts are readily available just about anywhere while Campagnolo prebuilt wheels are close if not simply the best out there. I'd go with Shamals.

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by uraqt

DT says the finish is harder than "stone" All the reviews love the DTs and none of them had the finish come off.


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by Ltoddokc

I had the Fulcrum Zero Nite's last year (same as shamal mille) and switched to the PR1400's this season. In my opinion the DT's are better. I never had the coating come off the Fulcrums but bc I heard so much about it, I was always worried so I didn't really enjoy the wheels. I felt like I had to sell them before the brake track coating came off and the resale was ruined.

I personally didn't care for the "hard edges" of the Fulcrum/Campy wheels either. I don't really know how to put it but with the chunky spokes, huge nipples and two tiered rim (brake track is raised from the rim by about 1mm) they didn't really do it for me.

The DT's are beautiful (again, my opinion), the hubs are awesome (so are the campy), the braking is better, I love the thru-axle type closure of the skewer and most importantly, they're tubeless. I'm running tubeless RBCC 28mm tires and absolutely loving them. I haven't gotten a lot of riding in lately but I would think the DTs will also be better in cross winds bc the spokes are much smaller.

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by bruno2000

Thank you guys I've bought the Dt-Swiss wheels from webshop.
As I said before, I had bad experience with the small rim version of Shamal Mille but as they changed the brakepads, I thought it would have been better.
And in the end I liked the minimalistic looks of the DT-Swiss (for example spokes) more then the bigger looking Shamal.

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by snowdevlin

I'm considering the dt for my caad12, how are they holding up?

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by appleaik

I am trying to purchase a pr1400.

How was the valid service period ?

Wasn't a coating faded still?

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by yinya

The coating (on my DTs) has held up well (since Sep) - not a lot of rain weather use though. Couple of days.

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by SuperflyRick

I had shamal mille wheels but had to respoke them to regular shamal hoops, cause breaking was terrible and the black came of to easy! Otherwise loved those wheels just two BIG negatives

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by xcnick

I don’t understand how companies have the nerve to produce a black braking surface that wears off so fast then charge a premium for it.

I’ve put quite a few miles on my DT Swiss oxic in all conditions are have zero sign of wear. The braking is outstanding too. I’d like to see DT produce a deeper wheel with this braking surface.
But coming from C24’s, the bearings aren’t as good and they don’t feel quite as agile. The tyre sits nicer on the wider rim though.

by Weenie

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I am trying to purchase a pr1400. too

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