Jagwire XEX-SL and KEB-SL derailleur and Brake housing

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by tommasini

Continuous Jagwire Derailleur housing:
Last fall Jagwire announced a new lighter version of continuous section (versus aluminum segmented housing) derailleur housing - the XEX-SL. (not to be confused with LEX-SL). It uses less of the longitudinal strands of wire. Looking for just the housing (no cables). Anyone know of source (black). https://www.bikerumor.com/2016/10/11/eb ... -ways-one/

Continuous Jagwire Brake housing:
They also have KEB-SL compression-less brake housing. They list it in their "Pro" cable section. If I do a search for KEB-SL the only concrete sources I find are in Germany....with $20 to $50 shipping charges. I do find some US sources selling 10M rolls of "Pro" compressionless but I think it is just the KEB (non SL) version.

Anyone know of good US sources for KEB-SL (in black)


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by gtinut

try sending email to Jagwire

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by sussexhills

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by grover


The ROAD PRO cable kits come with it. Plenty of sources on USA ebay for those cable kits. Just buy one of them? Buy the XL version so you get more housing to get a few bikes done. Then just use better inner cables from elsewhere.

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by Mep

Has anyone tested these out yet? If so are the weight savings accurate as advertised?

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by Mep

This information I received from Jagwire might be helpful for future reference.

Brake Housing:

Elite Link Brake housing (including liner): 27g/m
Pro Brake housing (KEB-SL): 39g/m
Sport Brake housing (CGX-SL): 63g/m

Shift Housing:

Pro Shift housing (XEX-SL): 17g/m
Elite Link Shift housing (including liner): 27g/m
Sport Shift housing (LEX-SL): 33g/m

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