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by mattCSUK

I have a set of Powertap P1 pedals, Been Working fine the last year, Every time I go for a ride I do a zero offset / calibration after approx 5 mins in to the ride and i get a reading of 15-20. I have been getting this figure constantly for a year and all of a sudden it jumped to 65 pretty much overnight and two weeks later I am now getting 85 after a zero offset / calibration. The bearing also seem on there way out as they are clicking and some movement, but more concerned about the large offset drift. Anyone with any advice. cheers

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by stockae92

Is it still under warranty? I read that the early ones had problem.

by Weenie

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by mattCSUK

Yes still under warranty which is good, but been a real struggle to get Power Tap to even look at them under warranty. The bearings are shot so hopefully get a good overhaul and calibration whilst they are there.

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by brenmitch

I had some P1, not early ones, for around 6 months. The bearings were shot after 1700 miles. Saris/Powertap support replaced them even though they were out of the 6 month bearing warranty. They told me the expected service life of the bearings is 1500 miles. That's so few miles that many people I know would need new bearings every two months! Complete and utter crap, just like the bearings in PT hubs. Service replaced the entire pedal spindle and sensor assembly, everything but the body itself under warranty. I sold them promptly after without riding any more. Now on a Power2Max Type NG, lighter, better looking, and reliable.
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by Butcher

I've never been happy with Powertap and their bearings. I do not think the bearings are the cause, it's the poor engineering/building of the components.

Service life of 1500 miles? Rubbish. When I had issues with their hub, I would not make it past 200-300 miles before they were junk. All they did was replace them again. That's not fixing the problem. There was an issue.

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