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by Roadeeee

Four strikes...YOU'RE OUT! I thought I'd share my horrible experience with Lightweight and their Urgestaldt frame to prevent my weight weenie friends from the same fate. As I stated about, I gave up after 4 frames. The seat post slipped horribly on the first frame, the seat tube cracked on the second frame, the seat post slipped again on the third frame (even after me trying a thicker carbon past and gluing sand paper to the shim) and the bottom bracket was so out of spec on the fourth frame that the press in bottom bracket almost fell out! Instead of refunding my money (as requested), Lightweight sent ANOTHER frame (which I lost a lot of money on selling on eBay). I wish I had all the time, money and mileage back I've spent the last 3 years. :(

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by danbjpa

Urgh! Scary story... do you have pictures of the problems?

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by Weenie

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by 4ibanez

That's awful considering the price and the fact it's marketed as a premium product.

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by sungod

one post

three years

why wait so long to tell your "weight weenie friends"

can't recall anyone else reporting such issues nor does google find similar reports

kcookie has one, judging by posts he's happy with it

if i had three of anything that bad i'd have my money back, there're excellent consumer protection laws

doesn't smell right

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by KCookie

I did have the same problem with my first frame that the seat post kept slipping. Took a year to get a replacement frame. I did speak to consumer affairs about my situation and you are entitled to a full refund.
Haven't had any issues with the new frame, so all is good atm.

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by vlastrada

I totally believe it...i always appreciate to hear the consumer's side of the story. One additional benefit of WW.

Anyhow, they are finalizing the 2018 frameset and i heard it won't have the same internal clamp, among other things.
Disc version close to finalized a few weeks back, so even the rim version should become available spring/summer last time i heard.

PS specifically: no internal seatpost clamp at all, if i understood correctly
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by KCookie

Don't know how much of a lie I've been told, but the frame I've got is supposed to have the new clamping system that's why I had to wait so long.
I also forgot to mention on the old frame that the post was on a twist as well, the saddle pointed to the left my 10mm.

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by KCookie

4ibanez wrote:That's awful considering the price and the fact it's marketed as a premium product.

Totally agree. $7000 Aud frame, you don't expect to get problems.

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by DavidMLee

Urgestalt can't be a premium product other than its price tag... since it just is another outsourced frameset. Sorry for you experiencing such debacle.
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by zico88

Where is their Urgestaldt made in ?

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by Lukester

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by Neckkoss

Under German supervision, I met the distributor for us, and yes in fact they did have a few issues with the clamping system, I personally didn't have any issues with mine, it was a bit tricky to get it adjusted, you have to use the carbon fiber grip compound and yes tied the clamp a few more pound over the specs but no to the point of breaking it. Just so you guys now the urgestalt second generation is coming later this year.

The design now is set up for disc wheelset and 27.2 seat post with a standard clamp.


This second generation frame is not just a simple update, it has been completely redesigned around the adoption of disc brakes. It uses 12mm thru-axles and flat mount, the frame is still light, though at 850g it’s about 60g heavier than the original. Still, The fork adds about 380g.

It gets full internal gear cable and brake hose routing, with compatibility for electronic groupsets, and a BB386 press-fit bottom bracket. The seatpost is 27.2mm diameter with a regular external seatclamp. There will be six sizes and three colours to choose from.

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by corky

And now looks very ho hum me too......

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by KCookie

Looks like the Weiss edition, which are heavier due to the gloss paint. I do like the idea of a normal post and clamp though. Much better than the original system and gives you a choice to change them.

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by wheelsONfire

In Germany a magazine interviewed Lightweight. They claimed the frame had costed 12000 euro + if they have had it made themselves!!

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by Weenie

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