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by mvcap

Just crossed 2k mikes on these S Works Turbo tires. I don't know aside from the absence of punctures (quite lucky) if this is a lot of miles or not necessarily?

Wear indicators are still visible. Pretty new to cycling so I am asking how/when you know it's time to get new tires?

by Weenie

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by mvcap

As a follow-up, front tire is in better shape. Is it recommended to rotate? Now or sometime during next set? Will I just replace rear tire typically before front? Pardon my ignorance and thanks very much in advance!

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by Broady

It's generally frowned upon to switch F&R due to rear getting 'squared off'. For what it's worth, I've done it a few times and not had a problem.

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by nemeseri

If the wear indicator is still visible, you should be perfectly fine. Besides your chance for getting flats more often there is nothing wrong with worn down tires. What I do is replace the tires as soon as the wear indicators are gone. I don't rotate them, just replace them whenever needed.

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by CrankAddictsRich

I love these tires... the performance they offer, for the value is awesome. I've gotten 3000+ miles from a set and have found them fairly resistant to punctures (for performance tires). You will notice that as you begin to wear them down that you might start getting punctures.
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by hambini

I usually change my tyres before I get near the wear indicator. I found the longer I leave the tyre on, the more punctures I get as the tyre wears down.

Additionally, if you do any highish speed cornering, a squared tyre can tip you on the floor.

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by Marin

I've neither had a problem running tires almost down to the casing, or swapping a rear to the front. I do this regularly.

The tire deforms under load and a squared profile won't tip you on the floor any more than a rounded one.

Swap f&r and run them until either the wear indicators are gone or you are getting more flats than usual.

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by mvcap

Really appreciate the replies, thank you very much for the help!

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by Weenie

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by Miller

These days I get the impression that most tyres on performance bikes are replaced before they are worn to the casing either because the tyre has received cuts or other damage, the owner thinks they're getting more flats, or the owner is just bored with them and wants to try something else.

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