Di2 battery drain problem

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by quango2k

Hi all,

Got my first bike in 5 years since an accident. Got myself a Canyon ultimate CF 9.0 ultra Di2 and when it was delivered the battery was completely flat. I plugged in the charger and in a few minutes it was working whilst charging. I fully charged it over the next couple of hours, installed the wireless adapter and did all the firmware updates so now all up to date. I also got a garmin 820 and connected that all up.

So I barely made any shifts, got everything set up and the battery was 100%, When I checked it today (less than 24 hours later) the battery was 60%!

does that sound right? My old dura ace di2 wouldn't get to 60% for a couple of weeks.

I have read a few people have had this problem and put it down to the battery being at fault. Do you think this would be the case considering its brand new?

Thanks for any help you can give me.
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by froze

Usually most LI batteries need to be charged for 24 hours REGARDLESS if the charging light says it's done.

Also cold weather will shorten the bat life. As a precaution against possible damage to any rechargeable battery is to store the bat inside the house when the temps are below 40 and above 90. Also never wait for the battery to almost completely die before recharging it, you should recharge it after every ride.

Next if the issue continues after charging it for 24 hours then read this: http://www.bicycles.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=86215 They talk about the same situation you have, in fact there are several forum sites dealing with this same issue so it's not uncommon, something that if you can't get it resolved it will become a warranty issue.

More forums: http://road.cc/content/forum/177231-di2-battery-issues

http://forums.bicycling.com/topic/ulteg ... tery-drain

http://forums.roadbikereview.com/shiman ... 91507.html

by Weenie

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by 415brian

The wireless transmitter is a strong suspect...

If you have the SM-EWW01 (older, non-bluetooth): remove it...they kill batteries and are unreliable.

If you have the EW-WU101 (newer, bluetooth support): much improved. HOWEVER, if you're using it with the new Shimano e-tube iOS apps, you must (digitally) DISCONNECT it from the app after you're done with an app session. This is not intuitive and failing to do so will drain your battery very quickly.

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by Pokerface07

Assuming it's the internal battery and not the older 'brick'? If the 'brick', it could be the battery mount as these often cause problems/shorts.

I had a similar problem with an internal battery. Checked the light (green), went for a ride and partway through it just died. 100% dead - no warning.

Went home, recharged (for a day) and left it in bike overnight. Next day - 100% dead again without use. Swapped every single component in the system to make sure nothing was draining it.

In the end - swapped in a new battery and that solved the problem so the battery was definitely the issue. Sent it back for a replacement. Still waiting....
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