Shimano DI2 / R785 shifter woes....

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by BigCol

Howdy all.

Recently bought a set of R785 levers for my synapse. I'm aware of the rattle between the lever and the body (lack of a cable to provide tension) so I put a sliver of old inner tube to stop this (works fine on my other R785 levers), but they were still rattling. After investigation I traced the new rattle to one of the buttons on the right hand lever. I removed the electronic switch as per shimano manual and found that one of the buttons was missing a return spring!!!

I checked my other DI2 levers and both buttons have a return spring. Got in touch with the shop where I purchased the levers and they have sent me a replacement that arrived today - it too rattles and has a spring missing!!!

Looks like a defective batch maybe??

Has anyone else had this issue? Worth noting if you find a rattle issue that isn't resolved by the usual fix!!

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by Boogw

So, did you get a second spring for these? Did it solve the rattle?

by Weenie

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by nycebo

It sounds like he actually got a "second" entire lever. And it still rattled....

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by jlok

Mine never rattle. Under what circumstances would it rattle?
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by Ginsterdrz

Yep-a known issue apparently. Mine rattle on a certain type of road surface with stone chippings. On smooth tarmac or rougher surfaces, no noise! Might be a resonance thing???

by Weenie

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by BigCol

The shop I bought them from were really good trying to help, but all 3 of the replacements they had were missing the spring in the right hand shifter. All my previous DI2 levers and the mating half to this one have both springs!!

Shimano (via twitter) and uk warranty team both originally said that it is meant to have two, so needs sorting.

A week or so later this was followed up with 'it's a design improvement and they're meant to be like that now'!!!

Unfortunately I can't just fit a spring as the body of the lever is not machined as required to take a spring - there is less machining than all my previous levers......

To me it feels like an obvious cost reduction modification (one less spring, less machining required to the lever), but at the expense of an annoying rattle as the unsprung button rattles around :( I'm not sur bin what way this could be classed as an improvement!!

Pretty disappointing all round really.


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