Q / QXL riders, experiences?

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by Shrike

Tried the QXL inner yesterday and really loved it. Moving into the big round ring afterwards felt horrible. Leg would overshoot at the top for maybe a dozen seconds until I got used to it again.

Want to do the big ring now, but I like doing long rides and looking at their Q / QXL guide it's given me pause. They say Q for endurance work but I still feel like I want the QXL feel that I had on the inner. Maybe the QXL on outer would be too much on long rides? I like to get out of the saddle a lot, sprinting up small hills and stuff like that, but I also like big long rides 100 miles and up at the weekends. Generally speaking I'm a heavier rider, (78 to 84kg).

Anyone use the Q or QXL on their main ride and do everything with it? Bit pricey to buy both and try them :oops:

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by Donic

I use the QXL for everything, +100 miles rides as well as sprinting up small hills out of the saddle and I like them. I don't know if I ride any faster, but I will buy them again when they are worn out.

by Weenie

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by shoemakerpom2010

I went from the Q to QXL when they came out and would never go back. For one they are stiff like Dura Ace so shifting between rings was better then before. No problems in the legs after 100 miles....

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by Shrike

The QXL is stiffer and better shifting than the Q? Wasn't aware of this. Just thought they were different shapes..

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