Cervelo S3 2014 - Internal battery conversion

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by Xcessiv

Hello guys,

I'd like to convert my mechanical 6800-based S3 2014 to 6870 Di2.

The internal battery option is very appealing, and has been covered multiple times, but there is one important unanswered question: does it apply to frames of all sizes?

If you look at my 48 cm S3, the seat tube is pretty short:

Do you know if it fits? Does the internal battery fit into the lowest (narrowest) part of the seat tube? If it only fits on the top part, I fear it might be a no-go.

Thanks :thumbup:

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by androidavies

I'm just putting an S5 together….. The battery in that goes in a plastic holder in the down tube.

I tried the internal battery attached to a wire, and lowered down the seat tube, it easily goes through the rear wheel cut out on the S5 and sits against the carbon BB sleeve.

I don't think the S3 seat tube is as sculpted as the S5 one, so I don't think you'll have any problem with the battery in your seat tube. The battery measures 150mm end to end. Always best to try a battery and wire, before shelling out for everything else though!

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by rma

I think it will work. Just remember to leave something (like a ziptie) attached to the battery and with the other end where you can grasp it in order to remove te battery sometime..

I wonder if the S5 battery holder in the downtube would work on the s3

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by hambini

I think it will go in. I've got an S5 and I covered the battery in foam bubble wrap before putting it in the seat tube. if you get it stuck, you can push it back out through the hole in the bottom bracket.

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