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by MJB

Mr.Gib wrote:Headset - just get CK? Or should other options be considered?

I happen to like CK headsets, have fitted two to my own bikes and one to a friend's bike but go the Sotto Voce option otherwise it gets too 'busy' looking around that front end. I also have fitted a Campagnolo and FSA Orbit headsets which have also been excellent service and easy to fit and find bearing repalcements for when the time comes.

Mr.Gib wrote:Seatpost - must it be Colnago?

Not necessariliy, but part of the Colnago charm is the paint scheme so be sure to match something up that suits the frame, your hip pocket and your functional requirements - finishing bikes is all about too many options and making sure you have fun sorting through them all 8)

Flame me to death - but I use a cheap Specialised knock off Romin saddle on my EP and have ridden a Hylix carbon bar/stem and seatpost combo on my MTB for the best part of 8 years with no issue.

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by Jitensha

The traditional English bottom bracket on the C59 is a proven design and this is why I prefer it to the C60.

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by pritchet74

I bought my first EP and then sold it after 6 months. Then a couple of months later bought another one (because I realized I was an idiot for selling the first one). That was a couple of years ago and I don't see myself getting rid of it any time soon. I absolutely LOVE my EP.
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