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by Mr.Gib

I seem to be attracted to a certain mint condition Colnago Extreme Power.

Is there a reason not to buy one versus a C59 or C60? I like the look of it more than what I can find with a C59 or C60. In fact, none of the current C60 patterns appeal to me. I also have no problem with the external cabling (maybe even prefer it), and certainly prefer the threaded BB (which also is a plus for the C59).

I guess I wonder how much different the ride would be. Comfortable enough? Stiff enough? I do like the way modern bikes resist twisting during out of the saddle efforts. And in five years would I regret not buying a C60, or god forbid a C60 disc? (A crazy thought that I hate, but just wait, we'll all be on discs eventually.)

Money is not a factor but I am not will to go down the custom route for a C60.

And unless someone can correct me, I believe the EP is the pick of the C50 era frames (Extreme C, EPS, EPQ, etc.).

And perhaps worst of all my favorite groupset is Sram Red mechanical, which makes me wonder if I even qualify for a Colnago. :D
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by silvercivic27

1. Money is always a factor, I don't care who you are
2. You got problems with your likes and tastes
3. Just get the EP already
4. In 5 years, you'll want the C61 disc.

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by ColnagoEPQ

I currently own an EPS, an EPQ and a C60. The frame geometry is the same for all three and the stability and handling that Colnago is known for is present in all three. I like the look of the EPS the most. The EPQ used up the last bits of inventory of C59 lugs, EPS tubes and a special set of stays. The production run was short; the C60 came soon after. The C60 is definitely a more robust frame and yet retains a very comfortable ride. You would not be unhappy with any of the frames.

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by Calnago

@Mr. Gib...
If you love it, then there's no reason I can think of not to get it. Half the battle of finding a used Colnago is getting a color scheme you like, the other half being finding the size you need. I presume both of those criteria are met here.

The Extreme Power and EPS are two high end Colnagos I have not owned. I never really cared for the Bayleaf chainstays although some people love them. They are definitely unique to both the Extreme Power and EPS models. The Extreme Power has the external headset whereas with the EPS they went to the internal headset and pressed in cups. The Extreme C actually had a weight limit on it, so it was not a frame that I would have ever coveted. The other frames you mentioned become sort of very similar in my opinion and colour scheme and size becomes the biggest determining factor. So, if you like the look of the EP more than any of the C59 or C60 schemes, then I say go for it. I have to admit that aside from not really liking the bayleaf chainstays, when the EPS came out they went down a road of very swirly curly paint schemes that I never got used to. It wasn't until they brought out the PR99 and Saronni Red and Zabel blue (I forget the numbers) that I thought... yes, now THOSE I like. But paint and graphics are all very subjective, if you like it that's what counts.

To clear up a couple of things that @ColnagoEPQ mentioned... the EPQ came about really at the beginning of the C59 era, not the end. I was quite involved with it at that time. Like I mentioned, even though I had just ordered my MTBK C59 (Fall of 2010), the latest PR99 of the EPS was gnawing at me big time. I loved that colour way. So I just went ahead and ordered one, even though I had a C59 on order at the same time. A couple of months passed before they got back to me saying that they couldn't do it in my size because they had run out of stays for it. We mulled it over for a while, and I remember discussing in detail as we looked over an EPS frame and wondered what could be done. Keep in mind this was well before they had even come up with the name "EPQ". I had all but given up when they came back with a picture of a "prototype" (really just a mish mash of EPS tubes that they still had along with the new C59 lugs) sitting on what I like to think was Ernesto's desk. I still have the emails somewhere I'm sure, I hope. It was really the perfect solution. It had the top tube and downtube of the EPS (roundish cross sections), and everything else, including the lugs, was from the new C59 (I hadn't even received my C59 frameset at this time). This meant that the derailleur cables would be internally routed, entering through the C59 lugs), while the rear brake cable would still be the traditional external with cable stops on the EPS top tube. To make the EPS top tube fit into the rear seat cluster lug (which was squarish versus round), they just reworked the top tube to fit the C59 lug and voila... The EPQ (still not named), was born. I said "Perfect, I want it"... then the wait began. In the meantime, I received my C59, built it up, and it became quite popular, etc. Finally, the following summer, I received my "EPS", but the graphics were all changed, much to my dismay. That was not what I had ordered. So, I didn't take it, and that was the end of that, or so I thought... until Alex Colnago came visiting the shop one day and heard the story and took it upon himself to restart my quest for the new frame if I still wanted one. I said "Sure, if you can do it the way I want, then I'll take it". I think and appreciate that a certain friend in the UK may have had some influence on Alex as well in my quest for this frame. Fast forward to just before Christmas of 2011, and guess what shows up... my "EPQ" frameset as you see it in my build thread. No mention of "EPQ" anywhere on it, as that was one of the changes they made which I said "WHAT?" about. So, that is a very special frameset to me, very clean, no marketing crap, just a few paneled Colnago logos and decals and the "proper" chevrons on the forks and stays. It is my modern "classic" so to speak. Love that bike.

But back to your decision... Will it be comfortable enough? Yes, I think so. Will it be stiff enough? Yes, I think so. Will you regret buying it, and want something else down the road? Hmmm... you may want and get something else down the road, but I doubt you'll regret getting the EP... especially if you're liking the way it looks as much as you seem to be right now. And if everything does indeed go to discs, etc., well, at least you'll still have one bike that looks like a proper road bike :lol:

What color scheme is it that has caught your eye, and what size? Got a pic?

Oh, on tire clearance... you'll probably be limited to 24mm clinchers (25mm tubulars) on newer rims to be safe. You can fit larger with a C60, but even still 25mm is about the biggest I'd want to go and still have a good margin of clearance all round. Personally, I have no interest in using a road bike with larger than 25mm tires on the road. But if people can convince you to use 30mm tires on the road, then they're often seen rubbing their hands together, saying "Ha, we got 'em... now he HAS to switch to discs... Mwwaaaaahhahah".

Just get it, post it up... It's Enresto's birthday week after all.
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by ColnagoEPQ

Thank you Calnago for refreshing my memory. I had ordered an EPS with custom paint (Saronni Red with white Colnago decals and no exposed carbon fiber); after months of waiting, I received an email from Colnago saying that the EPS was no longer available and that I would receive an EPQ. They assured me that I would be pleased with the new frame. The only disappointment was that although the entire frame was red, they used the PR99 decals on the bike. My dealer and Colnago America made a substantial price adjustment and I kept the frame. It rides as I expect a Colnago to ride. I still went ahead and bought a NOS EPS and had it repainted by Cyclart. It still cost less than the original EPS. I really like the leaf chainstays and the seat stays that are larger in diameter than the EPQ. In my opinion, the entire frame looks balanced with regard to the size of all the tubes used. My frame was old enough that the tubes were made in Italy.

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by fromtrektocolnago

I very much like my C-59, but regret not researching the extreme C and C-50 more. It turns out when i purchased my C59 back in 2013 the local bike shop had some unsold frames at prices below where I got my discounted C-59.

As far as your situation, if you prefer the look and feel of the Extreme Power go for it, especially if the price looks good. C-60 is growing on me, but I still haven't fully warmed to the over-size square tubing. And I personally don't need the added stiffness and I still prefer a threaded bottom bracket which the C-60 has partially walked away from.

I don't for a second want a C-60. I don't view it as a serious upgrade to the C-59 but I do like the art deco scheme colors, reminds me of the C-40. The C-59 did not offer this.
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by mrgray

i've never had an EP but i have had a c40, eps, c59 and c60. the last 3 were very similar especially the EPS and C59. all had a certain quality i think and certainly geometry varies not at all.

go with what your heart desire and no compromises. i don't think you'll be disappointed. the c40 might have had some flex but i think post the c40 there isn't much. c60 too stiff in my opinion and i'm heavy (90kg).
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by Lemond75

I've got a 56s EPS in AMIT colour scheme that I'm about to put in the classified section in the next week or so if anyone's interested?

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by jimaizumi

This is my type of convo! I remember when the 1st Gen Extreme Power was introduced and it was one of the very few models that really started making me ogle at Colnago's. Just to brush up on "memories" of old school weight weenies, LJ had built up a wonderful Extreme Power in a Milram team livery. It got me intrigued and sort of pulled me away from what I thought would be my unmoved love for Pinarello's. So I decided to do some research especially as Zabel and his Extreme Power were getting some serious attention. The EP lasted for a few years but I think after its initial debut, they had made the firm "more" compliant due to complaints over how stiff it was. I guess everybody is entitled to their opinions but in my eyes, this was a sprinters bike and thus had to be stiff.

As the frame gained popularity, so did the designs.. the Ale Jet, the Saronni Red and even the Zabel blue in addition to the original STXX series. If I were to turn back the hands of time, I would have lifted a Saronni or Zabel blue without a second thought. Instead, I pursued my love interest in the ST01/ST02 colors which eventually came into my hands in the form of a C60.

I still regularly check Ebay for some quality EPs in my size. If you don't take it.. can I? Lol
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by mvacolnago

I have an EPS and a C59, they have some subtle differences in handling. The EPS loves corners and is super responsive but that brings some slight harshness on all day rides. The C59 seems to have more of refined characteristic when it comes to handling. It would be hard to pick one over the other. I liked the EPS so much I did a major overhaul


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by MJB

There is a high degree of subjectivity in this discussion......... and rightly so.

Past 18 months an EP size 56 trad has been my main ride. I've also ridden a friend's EP which happens to be in size 52s.

My experience :- Both frames are remarkably smooth comfortable rides from a road buzz standpoint (with the same wheel/tyres fitted). I've also ridden a C50 for a few years and I must say the EP frames are as comfortable as the C50 was with vibration control but they do handle a little more deftly and the sloping geometry EP feels 'racier' - more 'flickable' - demanding to be pushed harder.

I can't comment on the EPS as I'm still building mine and I've never thrown a leg over either C59 or C60.

Buy the EP if it fits - they are a seriously worthy frameset and built so well that 2nd hand + a decade is still a perfectly viable option.

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by MattN

At present I'm a metal only Colnago man with a Master Olympic and Dream.

I'd love to add either an EPS, Extreme Power or C59 to the stable.

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by c50jim

I've owned all the carbon Colnagos from the C40 to EPS and liked them all. I started with a C40 in 1995 and have owned at least one carbon Colnago ever since (along with Master, Tecnos, Dream and Bititan). I even have a Moots with geometry mimicing Colnago (Moots so I could have S&S couplings for my travel bike). Unlike many on this site, I prefer the oldest ones best. I'm 185 cm and 85 kg but I'm 66 so slower than I used to be and whatever power I had has diminished ... a lot. I find many new bikes just too stiff or harsh.

With all that preamble, I still have six 59 cm traditional Colnagos - five C40s that are my normal rides (two for different conditions, one for second home, one Mapei I ride on good days and a fifth that's a spare that I had built and rode once) and an EP. I've sold C50, Presidente, EC, EPS but kept the EP. That might have been because it was built but fairly new when I reduced my inventory so I figured I'd get nothing for the Chorus group on it. I use it on the trainer and when we do car based trips. I took it to Santa Barbara last week because I'd left the Moots in Maui so we could do carry on luggage on a trip there. I have nothing but good things to say about the EP. For me, the ride is good with Velocity A23s, Veloflex carbon and 90 pounds of pressure. Handling was excellent coming down Gibraltar road and other descents and I like the appearance. Despite some reputation for being overly stiff, I don't mind the EP's ride at all and actually thought it was better than the EPS.

So, if the EP you're looking at is the right size and colour, I'd go for it.

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by tvargas

I have owned the C59 and the V1-R, and actually prefer the V1-R.

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by TomColnago

I own a C60, C40, master and a unknown aluminium colnago. Which ever colango you go for will put a smile on your face with the ride. The C60 is super stiff and fast which I love for crit races and also is a comfortable bike to ride but the C40 always has a soft spot in my heart as it was my first carbon bike and it rides amazing plus the top tube man is the icing on the cake for me :D

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