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by stripes

I'm looking for a 160mm crank but from what I've seen, the only one that's PM compatible is a Rotor 3D+ (p2m). Are there any others that are compatible with a DZero or p2m spider?

by Weenie

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by morganb

I know this is an old thread but this is something I am interested in also. Rotor seems to be the only one that will take a PM that I have found also. SRAM seems to make 162.5mm Quarqs but I haven't had any luck finding them in stock or a lead time.

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by TheKaiser

No specific suggestions fora crank from me, but I will suggest that you may want to post this topic over on Slowtwitch. Short cranks are far more popular with the triathlon crowd, and they also tend to be pretty data obsessed, so power meter short cranks are probably something that has already been addressed over there. I know I have seen some super short cranks down to 140-150mm from small brands that are rarely heard of outside of the Tri world, but didn't look closely enough to notice if they had power meter options.

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by Lelandjt


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