Caad10 sub 7kg with Vector 2 Project

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by sgergole

Dear community,
I recently made the shift to a used Cannondale CAAD10. At the moment of the purchase, its weight was 8 kg, with Fulcrum R0.
Having seen some projects on the forum of people taking it to incredible numbers, I am now dreaming of taking it below 7kg on a reasonable budget. My personal target is hopefully spend at most €1.5 for a 1 gram saving.
It currently mounts a full Ultegra groupset and stock components (stem, handlebar, seatpost).

I have however a few constraints in the build and the weight savings.
1) Pedals will be Garmin Vector 2. I need a power meter, already have this one, which is incredibly handy when travelling and I am not going to change it
2) Frame and fork will not get changed. Their are in the reasons why I took this bike
3) Handlebar will be 3T Ergonova Team, measured 211gr (from previous bike)
4) I don't want Sram components. I just can't get along with Sram things
5) I want to mount a compact, 50-34 with 12-30 gears


Any suggestions on which parts to look for to make this achievable?
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by Marin

Not much left - get the lightest wheels & tires you can afford and swich to a mix of Red/Force.

by Weenie

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by steelandbananas

Currently on a similar project.
Also full Ultegra.

Try a lighter saddle
lighter wheels
Lighter chainrings
11-28 (or even 26) cassette
Cut the spacer tower and shorten the seatpost

That should save a few grams without having to spend too much money

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by octave

hey there! here are my suggestions for most bang for your buck:

Kalloy Uno stem

Cero AR22 wheelset (get from cycle division in the UK; 1420g claimed weight for 20/24 spoke build; 1472g on my scales for the slightly more robust 24/28 build; all for only $320 USD, or probably 350 euros because you will have to pay tax....! and i think they are a solid well-built set of wheels)


Tires and Tubes (i can't tell which tires you have, besides continental; but, for example, a 25mm Grand Prix 4000s II weighs about grams, while a 25mm Grand Sport Race weighs about 270...! and the tubes are similar; typical stock tubes are pretty porky; a Continental Race 28 hits 100g, or you could get into Conti Race 28 Lite, or even latex for even more savings for very little money)

if you start talking groupset, the only way to get anywhere near your 1.5 euro/g goal is with sram... but since you dislike sram, that leaves shimano and campagnolo, neither of which is going to hit your magic number.

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by nemeseri

During your project please do something about your seatpost setback. Seems unhealthy for your saddle.
You can shave some weight using something like a ritchey superlogic seatpost with a 25mm setback.

BTW I second the skewer idea.

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