Chain falls off lower jockey wheel SRAM Red 22

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by octave

hey everyone,

so i just built up a 2016 Cannondale SuperSix Evo Hi-Mod with SRAM Red 22. but, as i am getting everything tuned, i notice that the chain is coming off the lower jockey wheel of the rear derailleur when i am in the big ring and the last two sprockets (23t and 25t of my 11-25 cassette). i first thought it was the rear derailleur hanger, as shifting was also poor up and down the block, so i got a new one (i bought the bike as a complete bike, new old stock, and it arrived with a scraped rear derailleur, so i though maybe it got bumped in transit-- i never actually checked the alignment). after having replaced the derailleur hanger, shifting was better up and down the block but to my disappointment, the chain still slipped off the 25t sprocket, and also slipped off the 23t sometimes still... i then decided maybe it was chainline, so i pulled the SRAM Red 22 crank, took off the wave washer from the NDS and replaced it with a 1mm shim. put the crank back on, the chainrings were definitely further inboard, so i hoped this would cure the chain from slipping (it slips outboard), as the angle of chainline would be less drastic in big-big (i know, not supposed to crosschain, but it is supposed to be ok with the Yaw derailleur, so i would like it to work). but, unfortunately, the chain still ships off the lower jockey wheel, outboard.

the set-up (everything is brand new, by the way)

SRAM Red 22 rear derailleur
SRAM XG1190 11-25 cassette
SRAM Red 22 crank 52/36 SRAM chainrings
SRAM Red Yaw front derailleur
Campagnolo Record 11s chain

any ideas? is it because its a campagnolo chain? is it because the BB30a on the SSEHM makes the chainline nasty for non HOllowgram cranks? should i go get the derailleur hanger checked anyway, even though it is new? is it....?

thanks in advance,


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by Svetty

You should always check the hanger alignment when fitting it - even new ones usually need a gentle tweak to get them spot on. Chain tension might also be an issue - are you sure you have shortened it enough??

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by motorthings

i had the same issue until i went to the wifli version of the rd

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by rothwem

motorthings wrote:i had the same issue until i went to the wifli version of the rd

That might not be an issue of wifli vs regular.

I had the same issue with a force RD. I took a video and sent it to SRAM, they replaced it, and it stopped falling off. Freaking weird.

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by octave

ok, so i got it pretty well sorted--

i went and had the derailleur straightened-- even the new one was a bit off. once that was sorted, it was better, but still not perfect, so i removed all the shims from the NDS. that seemed to do the trick, as once i retuned the rear and front derailleurs after getting the hanger aligned and removing the shims, there has yet to be a chain tossed off the lower jockey wheel. that being said, it is still pretty noisy and the chainline has a pretty extreme angle to it once i get into the big 3 sprockets on the cassette while in the big ring... i will report back, but i think a combination of derailleur hanger alingment and chainline adjustment by removing all shims helped a lot.

oh yeah, and the mechanic said he had a similar problem with his SRAM force groupset when it was brand new... he said that once he used it for a while and the chain wore and became less stiff and everything 'bedded in' he didn't have the problem anymore.... so, for what it's worth, that is his story. i will report back if i have any issues.



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by Tom14

I had the same with my Force derailleur, both times in a race while I was in the leading group...

I've used pliers to bend the cage and make it narrower. Since that moment, no problems anymore.

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