Oversize pulley cages an experiment

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by motorapido

Have been looking at the benefits or not of Ceramic-speed and the like oversize pulleys etc and came across some KCNC ones, light and a good price so got my self a set and am now working on a cage to suit.
Here's a couple of ( not very good ) photos of the RP parts, next stage is to get some water jet cut or routed out of 2mm and 3mm thick certified Carbon Fibre
sheet. The sheet is full carbon as a lot i found to be glass fibre clad in carbon for the outer/cosmetic layers only.

The 16 tooth jockey wheels have hybrid bearings but needed a good flushing out and re-lubing to get a decent spin time and the jockey wheel bolts are hollow Ti ones, the cage pivot is 6082 T6 Aluminium and will be hard anodised and bonded to the cage plate as well as being peened over.
There are quite a few intricate offsets to the jockey wheels on a Shimano cage, so i have some Ti shim washers to play around with the offsets.

A good source for bits like this is RC hobby shops that do cars and drones etc, another land of weightweenies and the obsessive strive for low weight and eeking out the last bit of performance.


by Weenie

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