[EDITED] What are the most popular handlebars?

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by Kjetil

FSA Compact bend. One of the round top models in Al, 44 cm c-c. Double bar tape.
Used Deda RHM bend earlier, but all in all I prefer the FSA Compact. It's flare helps me reduce the tendency I have of Frooming my elbows.
Disclaimer: I'm on Campagnolo.

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by eaglejackson

Deda Superleggera 44cm. I tried a number of bars before settling on the Superleggera. One of my criteria was short reach. Di2 levers have a longer reach than mechanical ones, and I wanted a bar with a shorter reach to offset the longer reach of the Di2 levers. The Ergosum bars my bike came with have a much longer reach and I couldn't get comfortable in all the hand positions till I switched to shorter reach bar. I like the shape of the Superleggera a lot, especially the long radius of the top curve. I also tried the Deda Zero100 bars, which are also short reach (75mm). They are aluminum vs. the carbon Superleggera. I would prefer an aluminum bar for safety reasons, but after riding the Superleggera, I didn't like the shape / feel of the Zero100 nearly as much. The top bend is much smaller radius, and wasn't as comfortable to me.

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by victorduraace

Ritchey WCS 44 Classic

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by topflightpro

kkibbler wrote:easton ec90 aero

How do you like that? I've ordered the EC70 aero. It should be here this week.

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by pinoymamba


deda zero100 shallow

Reach: 80 mm
Drop: 135 mm

Bigger Gear
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by Bigger Gear

Ritchey WCS Curve alloy on 3 bikes, all 44cm. Enve Compact on 1 bike, 42cm. As I make replacements all my bars will migrate down to 42cm. I'm old school and always bought into the "open your chest" for breathing BS but reality is I've been riding wide bars my whole life. I like them a touch better for steep out of saddle climbing, but overall 42cm is a better fit.

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by toshi

Ritchey WCS Neo Classic 40.

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by wheelsONfire

Switched from Ritchey wcs evomax to MCFK Roadbar on my gravel.
Benefit, the brake handle does not hit the bar when apply full braking.
Better ergo.
Also like Ritchey Superlogic 2.

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by nickf

Easton MCD shaped bars are my go to. Nice flat hood transition. Alloy bars for me though.

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by evan326

kkibbler wrote:easton ec90 aero

Any opinions?

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by fogman

I have 3 different handlebars on 3 different road bikes:
1. 3T Ergonova
2. Deda Presa
3. Deda Superleggera
I like the Ergonova the best. I use Campagnolo.

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by shimmeD

I'm settled on 36cm Deda RHM01 on 2 bikes and Bontrager OS 36cm on 3rd bike.
All alloy bars, Campag and finger brake (fixed gear).
Went from 40 to 36, no issue getting used, and loving being more aero 2 easy!
The Bonty is light (sorry can't remember weight) but not the Deda. Aero trumps weight, or something like that? :wink:
Less is more.

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by Calnago

Deda Zero 100 SHALLOW... even though by today's standards they're not very shallow at 135mm drop. Shape is about as classic as it gets these days...



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by prebsy

Control viento CL because it's the only classic bend 38cm alloy bar

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by JoeFlan

FSA wing pro or similar shaped fsa bars. Nice short reach aluminum bars, but relatively heavy.
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