[EDITED] What are the most popular handlebars?

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by Epic-o

Hello guys,

Just a quick question, what in your opinion are the most popular handlebar models? The models that you see the most in your rides, the most sold in your LBS, etc.

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by TiCass

3T Ergonova Team 38CM

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by ryanw

Zipp SL Contour - 42cm
Cervelo S5 Aero - 42cm
'16 Cervelo S5 - 6900g
'17 Focus Mares Force 1
'15 Scott Addict Team - 6850g Sold
'17 Cervelo R3D DA - 7580g - Sold
'16 Cannondale CAAD12 DA Disc - 7560g - RIP

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by evan326

Cannondale C1 42mm
Been eyeing the EASTON EC90 when I decide to try carbon.

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by kkibbler

easton ec90 aero
canyon h36

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by duvivr6

Deda Zero 100 40cm (Outside to Outside, Deda's way of measuring)

Have tried others, but the reach and bend on the Deda is superb. I have a set of their cheaper bars cant recall the version nomenclature but zero1 or something close and they have the same bend but the tops are slightly different still good though. I have been eying their Superzero models that are sweet.

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by fromtrektocolnago

erganova on one bike and zipp on another. i don't care for the zipp as much
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by joejack951

I have two drop bars bikes with Ritchey WCS Logic bars (both 42cm c-c) but my most recent completed bike has the Ritchey Classic bars in 40cm c-c, a slightly heavier and silver version of the WCS Curve, short reach, shallow drop, and smooth bend. They've been simply awesome to ride so I decided to go with Ritchey WCS Streem II bars (40cm c-c) for my current build (in my defense, one of the bikes previously mentioned has been retired due to frame damage). Slightly shorter reach and drop which should be perfect as I'm planning even more saddle to bar drop than the bike with the Classic bars at ~11cm. The narrower stance of the 40cm bars feels great after years of riding wider bars though it took some getting used to out of the saddle.

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by Mockenrue

Deda Zero100, Presa, Superleggera and Superzero. All 44cm.

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by chris47

Zipp service course sl80 in 36cm width

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by GambadiLegno

An Oval Concept aluminium handlebar. It's a 25,6 mm and 44 cms. It was used in my previous bike, a Fuji SL1 RC from David de la Fuente (Fuji-Servetto team), and I'm still using it in my BH G6 actually.

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by gitsome

Zipp contour sl on both bikes i love the slightly ovalized bend on tops for palm comfort and light, stiff, strong, elegant. All other bars too round middle of palms start to hurt. Tried vuma sprints didnt like, too long reach and top very slippery unless wrapped which ruins aero and looks terrible anyway

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by Juanmoretime

3T Aerotundo LTD. Also the 3T ARX LTD stem.

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by BRM

Gosh, another intelligent topic.

What's next . . . .

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by nemeseri

Ritchey Superlogic Evocurve - 38cm (c-c)

BUT my all time favourite compact bar is the FSA Omega Compact (38cm c-c). It's heavy like a boat anchor and I hate FSA in general. BUT it has extremely short reach and drop (I'm sure that the speced 80mm reach is wrong), with a slight outward bend.

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