Sram S500 aero shifter very hard to shift

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by LouisN

I had a Sram S500 aero 10S right shifter I found hard to "click".
That was before I bought a new set.
Wow !! These take so much force to "click" I can't imagine using them like this on the bike.
Are these shifters adjustable in terms of "click - easy-ness" ... ?
Thanks for your inputs guys !!

Louis :)

by Weenie

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by jrennie

Just got a set of R2C 11 speed shifters and it felt like I was going to break them to move the paddle, after a couple rides feels much smoother. Not sure if its normal or not.

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by istigatrice

I'm not sure how to phrase this precisely, so if it makes no sense just ignore me. But I had a similar issue with regular road shifters when the housing 'caught' on the cable guides - so check where your cables exit/enter the housing and your cable guides to see if there's extra friction there.
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by wheelzqc

Louis ! J'avais la meme chose. I had the same thing. But it loosened up with time (or maybe I played a bit with the side screw). Did you just shift on the stand or did you try it with load on the trainer ?

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by victorduraace

Yes, check.for obstacles, blocking in housing.etc. A bit.of oil in mechanism won't hurt either

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by hack

I recently purchased a new S500 shifter for the rear on my TT bike. It wasn't unreasonably stiff.

However, I did just rebuild the guts on my R2C shifter and it was very stiff and felt like the lever would break before shifting. I forced it through a few times and it loosened up a bit.

by Weenie

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