QR skewer shopping - Zipp v Enve v Reynolds

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Skewer time

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by ryanw

evan326 wrote:Skewers aren't something I'd feel safe being cheap with

Why? Cheap doesn't necessarily mean poor quality.

I have a pair of £100 Tune skewers (33g) and a pair of £12 Lifeline skewers (44g). Both are of equal quality and have performed faultlessly with a big 107kg rider bunny-hopping potholes at 80kph...

I also have Zipp, Mavic & Shimano skewers, but they just sit in the spare parts bag.
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by Weenie

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by Shrike


I'd have been happy with that. Must have got just got unlucky. Will return.

Codes from the back of pack in case it's ever useful to anyone

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by evan326

Mine were the same weight as chris'

@ryanw when I say cheap I don't only mean $$$
I was using the word cheap as more of a phrase, my bad. When I hear "cheap ones from ebay" I think noname items from some dudes basement in china.

edit: I guess I could have also said I wasn't calling the Reynolds cheap. I'd just rather skimp on money elsewhere

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Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

M2 Racer QR's. Sorry, that's not very helpful!

I think I'm in the buying mode myself, as I've decided my M2 Racers have officially gotten "old." I'm currently eyeing the Tune DC130 or Extralite Streeters.

I didn't see Fairwheel's QR comparo noted. If you haven't already read it, check it out. If it's already linked, sorry for my poor reading comprehension!

http://blog.fairwheelbikes.com/reviews- ... er-review/

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