Tips for dura ace 9000 hood replacement.

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by SpecializedColnago

Recently installed new dura ace 9001 shifters and when peeling the hood back to tighten the clamp bolt I had the right hood rip slightly on the outer side of the hood. I have heard this can be an issue with the 9000 stuff but I have never had issue with shimano 10 speed hoods. I am going to replace the hood with a new one but am looking for any tips anyone might have for installing them without tearing. I have the lever off of the bars so I can do it from the rear if people have found it to be easier.

by Weenie

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by ms6073

I had to do it from the rear and sprayed the body of the shifter with alcohol to help reduce frictionas trying to finesse it past the lever, causes even bigger tears
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by TheDarkInstall

It seems to be the luck of the draw with 9070 hoods.

I have gone though 3 sets now...

Set One; easy to get on, fitted just about right

Set Two; impossible to get on. Had to take the shifters off the bars completely (which involved unthreading the internally routed rear brake...), and wrestle the new hoods on from the clamping end of the shifters. Putting them on the front way over the brake blades was completely undoable without either ripping the hoods, or actually snapping the shifters / twisting them round on the delicate carbon bars.

Set Three (which I was dreading putting on); a bit tight, and took a while to wriggle them on. Got them on fairly easily.

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by PinaF8

I just recently replaced my 9070 hoods and it was easy. I sprayed muc-off soap in the rubber hoods before applying and then I slid them over the levers. The key is to slide them on.
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by madcow

Best to do it from the back as it requires less stretching of the hood. Less chance of ripping or distorting the hood. Window cleaner works well for the lubricant, several sprays and it should slide right on. Dries fairly quickly.

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by SpecializedColnago

Thanks for the replies everyone. I ordered 2 sets of hoods just in case I have any issues. I will try from the back of the shifter with a little bit of lubricant.

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by TheDarkInstall

Yeah going from the back also means you have to take the shifter off the bars which adds a whole new dimension of annoyance in the form of needing to reposition the shifters perfectly again. Good luck and try not to let it drive you insane.

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by Rascal

I use waterless hand cleaner gel. It is typically over 50% alcohol, gets the job done quickly & relatively easy. Coat lever and inside of hood with a thin layer, then have at it. After the task is accomplished, it then evaporates without leaving mung behind. Job done...
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by Weenie

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by rossjm11

I lather the inside with generic "medicated chest rub" because it is a lubricant that seems to go away after a few days. Still tear them from time to time because the design sucks, but it makes it easier
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