Let's play this game again...Choose between Dogma F10, Madone 9, Venge Vias....

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by gsindela

Storck or Cervelo for me.

Why the Venge Vias contempt?
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by Weenie

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by wheelsONfire

* Cipo NK1 disc
* Time Skylon Disc with active fork
* F10 Disc (next year?)
* Madone (disc next year?)

or custom build

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by gewichtweenie

mile2424 wrote:Take your pick....

With the new Dogma F10 being announced today, let's see what everyone thinks based on performance and looks alone, since money isn't being factored in....

Which bike would you want for the rolling flats. Let's assume we aren't talking about a pure climbing bike.

1.) Dogma F10
2.) Madone 9
3.) Venge Vias (assuming it has the updated brakes which make it much better)
4.) Canyon Aeroad
5.) BMC, Felt, anything else?

I love the looks of the Venge Vias with the flat handlebar, the integrated brakes, and no cables. I think the Madone is also a beauty with it's own integration (I don't love the stock trek paint schemes as much, but overall the bike is very nice looking). The new F10, although not that much different than the F8, seems to look very classy and aggressive at the same time. I like how they painted the seat post. I think it really helps with the overall looks. Only downside for me is the exposed cables and typical brakes so it doesn't have the modern integrated factor. I know many people actually prefer this though.

4. canyon
the rest are tremendously ugly

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by jackx84

cipollini rb1k
venge vias

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by rodebaron51

I had an F8... now own an Madone 9.9...

I would go for the 9.9, good and close 2nd the F10

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by rossjm11

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by KWalker

It doesn't matter. If you can afford any of these and buy one you don't like, sell it and get the next one.

I'd go Factor.
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by zzmkdw

coloclimber wrote:
zzmkdw wrote:I know i am in the minority on this one. I waited to see the Madone 9 in the flesh before i made a decision and i wasn't that impressed once i saw it. I have to specify that i saw the 2016 9.9 and i generally wasn't a fan of any of the stock 2016 paint jobs. A project one might have swayed my opinion the other way, but project one frame is 6K for the paint scheme i wanted. .

Did you actually ride it in your size?

The 9.9 was in my size and i was interested until i saw it. I was able to ride it for a short distance and it rides great, no denying that. It doesn't ride any better than my BMC or F8 in my opinion.

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by wheelsONfire

I would add Eddy Merckx EM 525 disc. I like this frame alot.
However, i am not amused looking at pure framesets costs.
I think framesets these days are crazy expensive....

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by bas

I have the Vias and love it, as a race bike its as good as anything I've ever ridden. Its heavy but no mountains where I live so aero trumps weight.
The brakes aren't as good as dura ace but you get used to them and they certainly do the job.

I was deciding between the Cervelo S5, Dogma, Madone and Vias, in the end the Vias worked out significantly cheaper.
If money not the issue I'd choose the Dogma, had one of the original ones and they are a beautiful bike.

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by CPongpanich

Either a Madone or F10.

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by peted76

Madone or F10 for me also.. the lack of wires and flappy bits appeals on the Madone, but the F10 with a bit of seatpost showing is just class.
F10 edges it.

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by cmcdonnell

Dogma of those as I think the Madone is too integrated and they charge extra for a racing version (H1 fit), the Canyon does nothing for me (it's just meh...) and the Vias is just hideous.

I'd choose a Bianchi Oltre XR4 if I could have a new bike now and a Cervelo S5 as a second choice.
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by mile2424

still loving my Vias. Also got the new brakes on there and it does feel like a nice improvement.



by Weenie

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by guyc

I'd go for an XR4 as well.

But I'd take a C60 over any of these listed. They just look so right.

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