Let's play this game again...Choose between Dogma F10, Madone 9, Venge Vias....

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by mile2424

Take your pick....

With the new Dogma F10 being announced today, let's see what everyone thinks based on performance and looks alone, since money isn't being factored in....

Which bike would you want for the rolling flats. Let's assume we aren't talking about a pure climbing bike.

1.) Dogma F10
2.) Madone 9
3.) Venge Vias (assuming it has the updated brakes which make it much better)
4.) Canyon Aeroad
5.) BMC, Felt, anything else?

I love the looks of the Venge Vias with the flat handlebar, the integrated brakes, and no cables. I think the Madone is also a beauty with it's own integration (I don't love the stock trek paint schemes as much, but overall the bike is very nice looking). The new F10, although not that much different than the F8, seems to look very classy and aggressive at the same time. I like how they painted the seat post. I think it really helps with the overall looks. Only downside for me is the exposed cables and typical brakes so it doesn't have the modern integrated factor. I know many people actually prefer this though.

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by jefftillack

Dogma F10, or maybe a Lapierre Aircode (have a Pulsium which I love, so a little biased)

by Weenie

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by moonoi

Madone 9, but then I'm biased as I own one

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by prendrefeu

Cervelo S3
Exp001 || Other projects in the works.

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by spdntrxi


in that order

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by jmagoulas

I'll chime in with something else. Colnago Concept.


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by Seedster

1. Madone
2. F10
3. RB1k

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by kkibbler

1. A lightly used F8 on the cheap
2. Madone

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by jimaizumi

1) Madone
2) S5
3) Pinafarina
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by TheDarkInstall

Whatever the most expensive one turns out to be, then immediately get a refund, use the money to build a shredding machine fit to my style and pocket the change.

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by MyM3Coupe

I wouldn't ride any Trek even if it was free.

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by lovemyway

Cmon guys, I'm building the Vias here..

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by raven14

Cervelo S5
Scott Foil
Trek Madone

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by kgt

Cipollini NK1K
De Rosa SK
Cervelo S3
Trek Madone 9
Canyon Aeroad

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by tallboyeu

Oltre XR4 anyone?

by Weenie

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