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by grouk


New year new bike. I already decided that I'm going to buy a tt bike.I just have to decide which one.
My budget is around 2300/2500€. The idea is buy the best frame that i could with that money and then upgrade to di2 because I have material left over from other buildings. I really like the speedmax, there is the planet x exocet to. For this money I have other possibilities?
I do not have much experience in this type of bikes. I only went 2 times in one but I loved it and so I want one?

by Weenie

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by joeyb1000

I went through this about a year ago. I found that slightly use TT equipment is very cheap on Ebay (as compared to road stuff). I wound up with a Flt DA1. Electronic on a TT bike is the way to go (I got Campy Athena closeouts).

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by russianbear

Go spend 200 euros or so on a proper TT bike fit so you know what stack/reach, pad stack/reach numbers you are looking for. Then buy a used TT bike from there (check slowtwitch classifieds).

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by Samklee15

+1 on checking out eBay. TT bikes are such a niche product on the secondary market. They're laughably cheap comparatively on there.

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by Kraaf

A proper fit does come first. But I am a fan of how Canyon designs their TT bikes. I have the TT version of the Speedmax, a year and a half old. This was before their website only showed the tri-setup. Make sure you know what you are going to get, as I think this tri-only marketing is a bit confusing.
Having said that, the engineering and attention to detail is excellent. Fully integrated brakes that have very good stopping power, while the (smaller) adjustments are still very easy to do. Highly adjustable and sturdy cockpit setup. Mine's Di2 only, so I can't comment on how mech-shifting works, but as you're upgrading anyway. PlanetX has some very affordable options and I'm sure you'd end up with a very nice bike, but I believe the amount of thought and work that Canyon put into their bikes is extremely hard to match in that price range (or any other).
I love you guys. Seriously.

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