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by Hls2k6

Has anyone spent meaningful time on an Evo Disc? If so, could you share your experience with the stiffness of the rear QR? I'm a big guy (6'5" 180#) who generates a good amount of torque (400w threshold). LBS says the QR would likely rub and annoy me to no end. I know Cannondale started with QRs on the SuperX, but ultimately added a rear thru axle this year. I can't help but wonder if they'll similarly update the Evo. Thanks for any experiences anyone can offer.

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by DonW

I've always imagined all disc road bikes will turn to TA eventually. I would wait.

by Weenie

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by djwalker

I have the the 2017 Evo disk and have about 1200 miles on it. I also weigh about 185 and am pretty strong. I have NEVER had any rear disk rub. I also have a disk gravel bike with a rear qr that has almost 7000 miles on it and I have never had any rub with that either. The disk Evo is the best bike I have ever had- the great handling and ride of the regular Evo with the great braking of disks. I think that the worry of rub is overblown . The through axle mainly makes it a little easier to align the wheel. If you get it firmly into the dropout there isn't a problem.

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by Broady

Apples and oranges but on my steel disc QR frame I've never had any disc rub, I'm a similar sized guy too. Make sure you use good skewers, Dura Ace do the job for me.

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by Lieblingsleguan

I can't comment on possible rubbing but as the UCI has suggested 12mm TA front and rear as the standard so that race organizers can provide neutral support, I suppose Cannondale ist going to change that rear axle pretty soon.

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by ryanw

Dunno if it helps, but I'm a 93kg (was 103kg on this bike) ex powerlifter and can put out well over 1,200w when sprinting.

NEVER had any flex or disc rub on my CAAD12...
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by CBJ

I would same the same too. I run a GT Grade carbon with QR rear and dics. As long as the rotor is nicely centered all is good. A carbon bike is one stiff structure. I got the bike with a DT Swiss 240 hubs so I can always upgrade to TA if my next frame has that.

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by stockae92

I have a 29er Carbon MTB with QR rear, one of QR (Mavic maybe? I forgot) won't have rotor rub, but another QR (WTB) will have rotor rub from time to time and I have to stop, re-position and re-tighten.

So QR itself will play a part.

I don't race, so UCI has nothing on me. :p

And both system should be supported for a long long time.

by Weenie

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